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  1. Time for another motherboard in the Intel Z590 series, and this time we focus on a very advanced product made by ASUS - the ROG STRIX Z590-E GAMING motherboard that presents continuity for a tradition of solid top end hardware
  2. Intel has announced a new series of processors for advanced laptops. The 11th generation in mobile is finally also advancing to six and eight cores with Tiger Lake-H per article
  3. (Deleted posts) For the moment the discussion has become a personal promotion, which is forbidden by the rules of the forum. Here is a refresher, to precede disciplinary proceedings. Users who see a stakeholder as a business promoter in violation of the forum rules are asked to report to me or any other team member directly. Thanks.
  4. In short - the answer is that there is currently no answer. In order to reach a new HEDT platform, new technological foundations are needed, and Intel's new ones focus mainly on low TDP processors on the one hand, and Data Center processors on the other. I think we'll probably hear about a new platform next year.
  5. In this review, we take another video card round from NVIDIA's new ones in the GeForce RTX 30 series - this time with a name with a lot of responsibility behind it, the RTX 3060, which is supposed to appeal to a particularly large market share.
  6. We took a round in the middle of GIGABYTE's boiling market - a new chipset and another generation trying their luck in front of a wide range of users.
  7. Game giant Activision Blizzard is losing another key figure - Jeff Kaplan, who has a rich history at the company and who has been in charge of Overwatch since its release so far, has officially announced that he has ended his role in the article.
  8. I have such a board. There is a new BIOS, there is a new AGESA, it solves the problems. At least I have a solution
  9. In this review, we will review the experience and performance of a large laptop designed for a variety of uses - in modern branding from GIGABYTE and with NVIDIA's fresh RTX 3060 card for the article
  10. On storage types, understanding branding and refreshing of a series of hard drives is important in the world of storage and backup - WD Red Plus gets a central stage
  11. The world of data centers is heating up - and Intel looks ready for challenges with new processors based on the Ice Lake architecture and including up to 40 processing cores
  12. Get to know a fresh motherboard with the B560 chipset for Intel's LGA1200 chipset - MSI's successful engineering article
  13. A new series of processors for Intel and with it a new series of chipsets released to the world - in this review we focus on an advanced option from MSI, model MPG GAMING CARBON WIFI for the article
  14. In this review we will focus on Intel's latest Core i7 performance just launched. Does a model inherit a long line of successful and popular processors?
  15. I will respond very briefly and to the matter on this subject. I usually leave users a judgment about the results and text, but it may require some intervention. The audit process is very simple. I get the hardware, do a set of exams, sort out the numbers, and see what I get. I set conditions and test method first of all to reflect one result or another. Next, I approach the writing of the review and production of the graphs, along with a summary and an objective point of view according to the local and global market. Not involved here is an article of what to do and what not to do from any direction - I have complete freedom, as a reporter representing media on the scale of HWzone. My opinions are under criticism, so repeating them will not be too helpful. No, I do not think the new Intel processors are a "waste of sand". I do think Intel could have done better in their branding, pricing and tuning. Admittedly, the fact in the field is that they are good gaming processors, and come with a refreshed platform that allows for more than the previous one has allowed so far. Maybe the 11700K review that will go up in a few hours can tell more about the situation from my point of view. There is no side choice here, no forced avoidance here of the word "AMD". There is here mostly an objective look at new technology and the numbers it produces. I spare no criticism, not even directly towards the people behind the product engineering itself, in front of them. As you probably noticed, no one here hands out medals and commendation marks when product performance or other parts of it are lacking. From the tests I took, the Core i5 11600K processor definitely got a positive score due to the healthy gaming performance it presents, and is a worthy choice for users who are interested in what Intel has to offer. One can argue whether it is worth basing a system on 5600X or 11600K - the user should deduce this according to the budget and requirements. There is no desire here to wave AMD out. Perhaps this part of the review summary should remind me of my opinion on the subject: ... I know that after over a decade of processor reviews I am also asking myself this question. I understand that Intel needs to launch products and align technological lines with competition and user expectations, but I can not help but wonder what would have happened if the "development efforts" of Rocket Lake S had not happened, and instead we would have received a refresh to Comet Lake S (Series 10) or Not even a new thing at all until the launch of a new bracket and a new platform later this year. This paragraph was written with the intention behind it is that it might have been better for Intel to completely skip the Rocket Lake S series until the arrival of Alder Lake S PS - yes, I am aware of a much less positive situation of my own in such and other reviews on the net. I respect other results, and understand slightly less rosy conclusions towards Intel's 11 series.
  16. Intel officially launches the 11th generation Core series and we bring you a review of a pair of fresh and very interesting models. Will the gaming performance crown return to the company's arms? Answers inside the article
  17. New Intel CEO Pat Glasinger unveils exciting plan for the company for years to come that includes expanding factories, collaborations and starting production of chips with more advanced technologies.
  18. The chipmaker wants to remind everyone that it is in the midst of entering the world of stormy video cards.
  19. AMD's RDNA2 architecture is reaching a new market share - the mainstream, or at least what's left of it during this surreal crisis. Get to know the Radeon RX 6700 XT in depth, with 12GB of graphics memory
  20. In this review we will provide you with a look at an interesting memory kit made by G.Skill with a volume of 32GB and a speed of 3600MHz - another wonderful kit made by the well-known company
  21. Intel officially announces 11th generation Core models for desktops with the code name Rocket Lake S - a new generation of processors that promises to take the crown of gaming performance. All the details inside the article
  22. In this review, we take a look at GIGABYTE's uniquely designed graphics card models for AMD's Radeon brand - these are the RX 6800 XT and the RX 6900 XT model GAMING OC, with 16GB of graphics memory.
  23. In this review we look at one of the most interesting gaming mobiles of recent times from the hardware manufacturer GIGABYTE - one that combines high processing power and compactness for content creators and gamers at the same time.
  24. This is a process carried out by importers of equipment in the country - both for monitors and laptops, often also for power supplies. The move comes from regulations that require the supply of an Israeli standard power cable with equipment of this type. Visual is no different from many other importers on the subject and there is nothing to fear.
  25. Shipping companies do not add money according to mood, they are your power of attorney against customs. If customs decided to make one move or another - it's because of it, not because of UPS or DHL.
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