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  1. The new one has been updated. We got to talk to the minds who work on Rocket Lake and understand a bit that the reason is technically net and not marketing. It has been said that we will receive a more detailed explanation, and we plan to raise knowledge separately about it and inform the rest. It is important for Intel to clarify things so that even late at night the reference on the subject will be direct. In any case - the meaning has not changed from end to end. H410 and B460 boards sold so far will not support RKL-S. New motherboards will support - as long as it is specified. Not a marketing move (according to Intel) but a technical one.
  2. A few weeks before the landing of a new series of processors for an existing chassis - the chipmaker decided that certain motherboards would not support them even though technically they are capable of doing so.
  3. Warranty is a warranty even if a product goes into EOL mode two days after you buy it. I think these suppliers have been coming for at least 5 years.
  4. I will allow myself, because why not. Looks totally fine, as a PR image or PR style. Something that is very important to pay attention to when playing with Dehaze \ Clarity \ highlights is details of lines and object boundaries. There is a separation of objects that need to be kept from happening. In addition, I would lower the color temperature of The image / game with a color streak of orange facing down, you can also try a crop without the piece of sign on the right side of the image
  5. Intel's state-of-the-art processing architecture is currently only available for laptops - so we took it for a spin to get a glimpse into the promising 10-nanometer future and other innovations.
  6. I'm with those who claim the OCP trigger. Power supplies of 700-750W today are divorced, probably compared to the cost of cards like the 3060TI
  7. Two things about the first one - I think some of this difference comes from the CPU, and I have a feeling that with a processor with faster cores in gaming it is fun to earn another double-digit amount of overall gaming performance. The second - still keep in mind that this is a graphics core that is limited to 115W, and at 115W give a performance output of RTX 2060 Super, and another one in a serious OC version is very very respectable. Again, given the tiny foot claim. Yes think the branding is a bit risky, and that people who come in expecting to get a desktop RTX 3070 minus 10-15% may be disappointed due to a mismatch of expectations.
  8. A new series of especially advanced video cards for laptops is officially released to the world - and we received a fresh model of AORUS containing the RTX 3070 to understand how much graphic power can be compressed in a compact package.
  9. We took an advanced screen review at a very low price to see if it was worth switching to an ultra-wide format - GIGABYTE's G34WQC revealed to us that a premium experience is achievable even without breaking savings plans.
  10. We spent time with wireless gaming headphones - to find out if the benefits of new age technology outweigh the disadvantages of the article
  11. The new Intel processors from the Rocket Lake family will arrive later in the quarter, and in the meantime, the new motherboards created especially for them will arrive in stores - come and be impressed by these concentration of the popular hardware manufacturer from Taiwan.
  12. As part of the CES 2021 announcements, Intel is also refreshing its NUCs with 11th Core processors - here's what you can find in stores soon.
  13. Intel promises that those who want to take their games to the maximum that they should stay in its camp - and wait a little longer for the hot thing to land in the article
  14. The graphics core maker also misses out on those looking for cheaper video cards than has been offered so far and unveils the GeForce RTX 3060, which has 12GB of GDDR6 memory per article
  15. The CES 2021 conference officially opens, this time in digital format, and the American chip giant is aiming higher from the first moment - this year we open with a quick launch and promise for many more models later on in the article
  16. Important note (Twitter style on Trump tweets) This is a statistic that comes from users who run performance tests of those who view it naturally - it is very important to note that there is still a tendency for people who understand and know the world of hardware and computers to run such a test with AMD hardware. . Also, the tendency to run performance tests exists mainly in advanced / new computer systems, and not in old / office systems, etc. Personally, I have no doubt that the market share that exists today, if you really do a general head count, still belongs by a huge majority to Intel. We are not yet in the utopia described in the link.
  17. The wave of unique versions is coming - we took Sapphire's Radeon RX 6800 Nitro Plus for review to find out if an advanced third party version is the right choice of this card from AMD for the article
  18. NVIDIA knows how the Internet works. She knows that the apology for being caught in a dirty email this time will go through people's throats and in two weeks people will move on to a completely different topic, because that's how the internet works. In addition to shading, lighting and DLSS effects, the Streisand effect is an integral part of the RTX package.
  19. NVIDIA Reply to Emails? impressive. The Zone's relationship with them has not reached such a deep crisis point, it's hard not to respond to emails with simple requests - like access to content before launch, just so we can post it blue and white at launch. Thank you for the partnership as they work closely with us. It's better to have something on launch day, even if it means a white night before, than not to serve at all. 11 years of trying, countless back and forth conversations, meetings, what not. The world of gamers in Israel is mainly another annoying message in an email from NVIDIA's PR office in Europe.
  20. The answer is yes, in a fairly simple way. This is a very long process of exams for an entire library of hardware. We started preparing for this wave of reviews long before the launch of the Ryzen 5000 by creating a database of results for existing hardware, and we are continuing with it, as it is still a relevant processor that can get the most out of up-to-date video cards. Each update of the exam system examines the platform on which the system will be based. It will happen again during 2021.
  21. Today, an extremely fast and extremely difficult video card is officially released to the world - the Radeon RX 6900 XT, which claims the performance crown of the world of video cards. We took him for an article review
  22. The official NVIDIA website works as usual .... here is a link to the latest driver from there that fits the card
  23. Taiwanese hardware maker solemnly announces support for Resizable BAR technology for PCI-Express on its latest motherboards, and demonstrates this with screenshots that include details about IntelCathella's future desktop Rocket Lake processor
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