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  1. Slightly exaggerated discount I would say. If you go for it offers to find out about the hardware beyond what is advertised. From the experience of these models come with an average power supply of Great Wall and the version of 16 GB comes with a single stick of 16 ZA here is no use of Dual Channel, in addition to the fact that the stick is from a variable Brand and naked ZA without cooling or protection coverage if anything. Which is important to you. Same goes for an SSD that it's not clear which one you get. In short on this budget I would undoubtedly be an independent component as suggested specifically that you already have a video card in hand.
  2. I bought from them 3 complete computer systems in parts including peripherals in the last 10 years and a few individual products the best service I got in a computer store and in general. And soon the time to upgrade so no doubt away. I did not order anything during the corona but can understand the load as one in the field as well.
  3. WD-40 is the brand name. It also has a contact spray that is suitable for the use mentioned here. The logic goes straight to lubricating oil because it is their best-selling product but it is not the only product of the company. Attaches a picture that is not closed in terms of the rules if you can give a link (advertisement etc.) but can be obtained at any hardware store and do it yourself etc.
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