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  1. Hand 2 is also a good option. I'm with 1070 and decided I'm not ready to wait another 4-6 months for maybe stock and prices to go down, because during that time I can finish all the games I want to play whether it's cyberpunk, Red Dead Redemption, Control and more. So I bought a 3070 at the cheapest price I could 3270 NIS and on Saturday I deafened to cyberpunk in high settings with RT above 60 FPS (of course with DLSS) instead of low settings at 40 FPS at best. And know what? it was worth it. So that's the real question. If you can and want to wait or buy now. Because the prices that are now are the real prices for the coming period with the demand and inventory that there is. This is the reality and there is nothing to do at the moment and prices have even been announced.
  2. If you are playing at 1080p do not think you have a justifiable reason to add money over 3080, which is also very difficult to find one in stock and if so, it is exorbitantly priced. Keep what you have at least until the inventories work out.
  3. The 6800XT is actually more expensive than a card that does not exist in any store at all.
  4. By and large I also get along with 1070 on 1440P but some games like Cyberpunk, Red Dead Redemption, Control, Assassin's Creed require quite large compromises in the Haggadahs to run at least reasonably. I so much like 3080 but there is nothing and nothing. Completely delusional ...
  5. Another fiction. This card will also not be in stock and will cost at least double.
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