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  1. I got Mehut their latest modem called Hotbox 5. Unfortunately, which seems really stupid to me, the modem has only two ports of network cable. I need to move to 3 consumers. Do I owe something called a switch? And do all switches come with a power connection? Guess I prefer one that supports up to 1000 megabytes per second. Do not know brands. Anyone willing to recommend?
  2. I solved the issue by adjusting the ventilation curve in the BIOS. What happens is AMD has a tendency to load on one core instead of spreading the load. Every time I turned on Chrome and also occasionally during the operation with it it bounced the temperature of the same core by 7-8 degrees, which caused the CPU fan to jump quickly with annoying noise for a few seconds and then the temperature would drop back (the rest of the components in my computer were very quiet) because it was Above 60 degrees it rises strongly at speed. I adjusted the ventilation curve accordingly and the issue was resolved. By the way, this does not happen for example in the Edge browser, only in Chrome. But I'm too used to working with him.
  3. My processor Reisen 5800X its stock should be 3200 MHz. Memories 3600. A new computer when assembled opens the XMP and it works most of the time on a minimum of 3600 and occasionally even more. When operating this chrome it immediately raises the temperature of the processor (one of its cores) by about 7-8 degrees, which raises the speed of the cooling fan to the processor (b quiet drk pro 4) to the maximum with loud noise. Also happens occasionally while browsing, in the transition to a new tab / site. I tried to check if I would lower the clock speed to 3200 is it will heat up less and solve the problem. I disabled the XMP but the speed remained the same as before. By the way, in a browser like Edge it does not happen to me, but all my stuff on Chrome and I am already used to it.
  4. I recently assembled a new computer with a Reisen 7 5800X processor according to the specification it supports up to 3200 MGH I assembled memories of 3600 MGH. I did not touch anything. When I enter CPU Z it shows that the CORE speed is 3600. And also in HWM MONITOR and 3600 or higher or that is just what is written there.
  5. Ok I got it, thanks. I am developing on the new computer so I asked among other things if when I do this and as a mirror, according to their explanation that it is related to hardware, the previous computer will be canceled, or become without activation.
  6. Either I did not understand, or I did not explain myself. As I wrote I have what is called digital interviewing. Also instructions on how to use it. The thing is that if before I even have Windows installed, I can do nothing. I would appreciate it if you could explain it in plain language.
  7. not clear to me. In order to install Windows I need to log in to my Microsoft account. How do I do this if I do not have Windows at all at this point?
  8. I did a free upgrade on the Windows 8.1 to 10 Pro network at the time. In the settings I have activated with digital license I read in several places about the way to reinstall Windows on a new computer I buy. I also realized that the Windows obtained in this way is associated with the hardware of the computer. So before I install on the new computer I need to disable it on the existing computer? Windows is sitting on an existing computer on an ssd drive. In the new one I will use another new ssd drive. Microsoft Support writes: If you have a digital license, run the Activation troubleshooter. You'll need to first add your Microsoft account and link your account to the digital license on your device. After linking your Microsoft account, run the Activation troubleshooter to reactivate Windows 10. This troubleshooter will only be available if your copy of Windows 10 (version 1607 or later) is not activated. To use the Activation troubleshooter: Sign in as an administrator. For more info, see Create a local user or administrator account in Windows 10. Select the Start button, then select Settings> Update & Security> Activation> Troubleshoot. The troubleshooter will show Windows cannot be activated on your device. Open Activation settings Select I changed hardware on this device recently, then select Next. Enter your connected Microsoft account and password, then select Sign in. The troubleshooter will only work with the connected Microsoft account. From the list of devices that are linked to your Microsoft account, select the check box next to This is the device I'm using right now. Select Activate. What is not clear to me is that if I am in the installation phase for the new computer and still do not actually have Windows how do I get into everything that is written above at all?
  9. This is about also what I have read in various forums. Anyway I decided on the black inside too. It seems to me a bit bizarre black outside and white inside.
  10. I have the option to buy the same case in two versions. Both are black on the outside. One with a white case face and the other black. Will the interior of a white case absorb less heat than the parts that work in it and radiate them back less than that in black?
  11. Work yes, what I asked if it will give higher speed than the memories of 3200 even if I do not touch anything. I read for example that the memories of the Kingson hyperx have something that pops up quickly and automatically. Know how to say something about it?
  12. Designing a desktop computer around a ryzen 5800x processor. Not planning soon. From the technical information, the processor is limited to a frequency speed of 3200 in stock mode. Receives conflicting information to the question in the title. The 3200 comes with cl16 and the 3600 with 18.
  13. There are some Oros Pro. I was talking about V2, I did not find one with Wi-Fi
  14. Please allow another question. Leave the monetary value, for me it is not a big difference. Finally debating between these two. What do you think and why? -wi-fi-model /
  15. The only thing that's a bit annoying is that it does not support type c in the front, only in the back.
  16. I was looking for something with the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, with a quality audio processor.
  17. What do you think of this board that was offered to me? It seems to me that it has everything I was looking for
  18. Ok thank you. The thing is that the price differences between the board are not very big, so the dilemma. Also maybe my future daughter will do yes games. Are cooling panels in this panel a factor that may lower my heat a bit and thus reduce the speed of the air ?. I plan to make directions in the bios of the so-called optimum for the ventilation curve. Assume all boards support this? It is also important for me to enter a display port for my 4K screen, in addition to the hdmi input. But maybe this will actually be on the video card? Also, if there is the same model also with Wi-Fi, it would be nice. Works today with wired connection, but in case of moving apartment etc. I have an external Wi-Fi card I bought with 3 such antennas. The question of whether built on the board would not be better.
  19. Does not do gaming. Listen, I have a dilemma about the board. From what I read the 570 has more voltage stabilizers and more performance. Maybe it's necessary for the tensions for the newer and more supportive 5800x 550 chip for the future. The question for my uses, which are not very heavy, do you think I prefer 550?
  20. Thanks. I read that the 550 is their newer chip, which should be cheaper, and also with more support for the future. On the other hand the 570 is probably more powerful for gaming and overclocking. If I do neither speed nor gaming, but willing not to skimp on quality, would you still offer the 550? What is meant by symbols on a video card? Quiet work is very important to me so I am debating between the Dark Rock pro 4 and the Noctua d15
  21. Thanks. You can also please recommend a compatible board, quiet cooling and memories. Also, on a graphics card of up to something like 500 NIS.
  22. curious. If I were to compare to 11700k would you say the same thing?
  23. Thanks. Somehow I agree with you. We'll see what else to think.
  24. Hello. Planning to build a whole new computer. Currently neither a gamer nor super heavy software but willing to invest even if it's a little more than my needs. Maximum speed and quiet work are important to me. In the benches I saw the 5800 in most cases faster than the Intel. The reason I am undecided is that the 5800 with the power is 105 watts and the 11700 the regular 65 watts. The 11700k watt 125). My concern is that higher power will produce more heat, which will result in the need for more cooling = more noise. It is not clear to me if a higher basic power necessarily generates more heat or it depends on the load on the computer. Thanks in advance to all the helpers.
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