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    intel i5-3750k
    scythe mugen II
    asrock z77 pro3
    G.Skill DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 1333MHz 9-9-9-24 Ares
    sapphire hd7870xt 2GB
    asonic s12II 520W
    LG W220p
    hec 6a19
    mionix 3200
    microlab solo 6c
    gamecom platronics 367

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  1. I am looking for a keyboard that will replace the current and old keyboard - digital media pro. It is important to me that there are volume buttons (preferably on the left side) as well as a wired connection, and there is no need for RGB.
  2. After the first time you should put the disc on key, otherwise it will go into the loop all the time. And change the BOOT OPTION PRIORITIES In the first option put the SSD drive
  3. *** Edit: I got it locked I can lock the post I bought a new ANTEC case with fan controller (P101) has 3 front fans and one rear, all connected together and I have 2 2-pin MOLEX connections inside each hoping I explained well. .. How do I connect it to a provider? Thanks
  4. Video card currently 1060 6GB in planning to upgrade to 2060 thanks
  5. At a good time I renewed myself at 3600 I intend to speed it up slightly which provider would be better in order for the system to be stable 550W https://www.plonter.com/detail.tmpl?sku=EA550G-Pro&cart=1577227437102538829 or 650W https: //www.plonter .com / detail.tmpl? sku = EA650G-Pro & cart = 1577227437102538829 I know it's a difference of 30 NIS The question is whether there is a justification or that 650W is overkill? Thank you
  6. How does the quality of their materials vs antec? Thanks
  7. I regenerated on 3600 + MSI b450 Looking for a quality 300 budget chassis with an exception to 400 for something quality I don't care about RGB and no side window. Lightweight overclock planner for thought processor in the direction of antec p101 silent - looks quite high quality. I've seen a recommendation here on NZXT H510 but it's with a window .. I'd love for more thanks
  8. Requirements: Quality camera and 4GB of RAM I thought of the Shiomi Mi A2 https://ksp.co.il/?select=.272..573..99.&kg=&list=1&sort=2&glist=1&uin=51232&txt_search=&buy=&minprice = 0 & maxprice = 0 & intersect = & rintersect = & store_real = I would love more recommendations Thank you
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