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  1. Which uninterruptible power supply is suitable for the Dell OptiPlex 7080 SFF computer? I am in an area that suffers from power outages and also changes in power voltage. Wants an uninterrupted power supply to keep files open and out of windows in an orderly fashion. And will protect your computer (and screen) from power surges. Which paragraph is appropriate?
  2. What makes a computer not last long: The software requires more space and memory and the computer does not meet the software update requirements. Uses: Most of them are domestic (Word. Internet). Once in a while also runs graphics software and programmer.
  3. I want to buy a reliable desktop computer that will last a long time. Because my budget is low, I thought of looking for a new workstation (if that's not a good idea, please tell me why!). Do you know a place (that does systematic and clean work) that sells refurbished workstations?
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In June everything will work out? The MWC 2021 exhibition begins with a Corona-adapted version

Instead of a grandiose mobile celebration in Barcelona - we get a relatively small event in Shanghai this week, and plans for a European comeback this coming June The MWC (Mobile World Congress) was the first notable technological event to suffer last year's coronation, with naive restrictions in the first stage, Complete cancellation of the physical event afterwards - and at the same time promises that next year everything will return to normal, when it is likely that at that point in time no one guessed or predicted that even in 2021 ...

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