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  1. Hi yes my board is ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING if I add a 500GB NVMe of SMSUNG it does not affect the performance of the disks? (The speed of the drives does not decrease if 2 NVMe drives are connected to the same board?
  2. I now have XPG 8200 250GB and I want to add SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS 500GB
  3. Hello, I have an Asus Z370-F motherboard. I assembled a 2GB SSD M.250 motherboard in my motherboard. Can I add another 2GB M.500 SSD to my motherboard? I have room on the board for another M.2 but it does not hurt the performance of the SSD?
  4. Looking for a computer screen for gaming and movies I wanted to know what you think of the Lenovo G27q-20 screen? The problem that there are no reviews yet because it is new is also the MSI MAG274QRF-QD screen
  5. Hi Hello I wanted to know what you think about this screen for gaming New screen of LENOVO G27Q-20 27 inch IPS 165HZ at a relatively cheap price in KSP
  6. Hello I am looking to buy a computer screen Recommended for games and movies Size 27 inches 2K IPS 1MS minimum 144Hz at least better 10BIT Colors Thank you very much and have a wonderful day
  7. Hello there I want to buy a gaming screen for gaming 27 inch screen size 1440p 2k IPS I thought of Lenovo y27q-27 or Gigabyte f127q or other screen that you recommend I realized that there is also a lg 27gl850 screen I have about. RTX2070 I7 8700K screen thanks a lot
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