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  1. Maybe I'm an idiot, but in the meantime people closer to me who have been vaccinated are sicker and not necessarily in Corona than I have not been vaccinated and Tap Tap feels healthy
  2. Thanks dude, this project is a good idea! That way I will have a challenge and a desire to move forward. Thanks!
  3. I understood, thank you. I am not a jerk, I thought it was possible that unvaccinated people would experience side effects from the vaccine because there were vaccinated people around. The virus does not worry me as much as the vaccine worries me
  4. I have heard of a phenomenon called shedding, which supposedly the person who did the vaccines for corona may shed the spike protein they get from the vaccine, thus causing the side effects of the vaccine in people who have not been vaccinated. Do you think this is possible?
  5. The field of web development interests me, it started with the number "Mom, Dad, I built a website", from there it went on to Hod Ami's book I bought called "HTML4 & CSS for web developers" and then I signed up for the Front End course at Svcollege College, I did not pass the course and still interesting Me domain. I occasionally try to learn from home alone through Freecodecamp and through W3school and still I am inconsistent. So how best to do it? Thanks
  6. Even though I put on it full of thermal ointment, and the computer beeps. The computer was bought 7.5 years ago. Does this mean that the processor has ended its life? There is a display on the screen. Thanks.
  7. Turns out he's drunk all the time, so ...
  8. Most are looking for Active Directory knowledge and I am a simple technician. What is this thing? Is it possible to study it at home? Why are there no jobs without it? have to?
  9. Yesterday at work I accidentally downloaded a file that turned out to be a ransomware virus and locked access to several files (I formatted the computer). Later that day, I received an email from Microsoft that detected ransomware in my files in the One Drive cloud, apparently I was connected to the work computer on my Microsoft account. And indeed there were some files in the cloud damaged in the same condition as in the work computer. My question is can a virus go from computer to computer at home through the cloud and cause infections in computers at home and slow them down or does it not make sense? Thanks
  10. Well, what do I do with the scoundrel?
  11. We talked to him, he does not understand Hebrew or he does not understand himself. He has something against us for some reason, because the other doors in his bike building are not hit
  12. We have a Russian neighbor in the building, every time he goes up with his bike in a stairwell, he gives them a strong blow at our door on purpose. what can be done?
  13. It always directs me to restore from Google Drive (the backup name I wanted was run over), I have to force WhatsApp to restore from the local backup on the device. How do you do that?
  14. How do I recover from the local backup on the device? I realized I need to root my cell phone and then I can find some WhatsApp key. Can anyone help me with this?
  15. About two weeks ago, I switched from Galaxy A8 to Galaxy S20 FE and my WhatsApp messages did not move. Also on the previous device I had a different phone number from the number I have now on the new device. Those messages are important to me to have on the current device, on the other hand I am afraid it will overwhelm me with the messages I have already received on WhatsApp on the new device in the last two weeks. Is it possible to somehow recover the WhatsApp messages I had on the previous device without it overriding the messages I have now? Thank you and Happy Purim
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