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  1. MarketWatch - Texas fifth-grader cashes in the GameStop shares his mom gave him for Kwanzaa - for almost $ 3,200 - Jan. 30, 2021
  2. Calcalist - the family that has invested all its savings in Bitcoin and travels the world - 05.12.20 They also have a YouTube channel, is for example the last video from 18 hours ago ...
  3. Calcalist - Did you benefit from investing in Bitcoin? Income tax is waiting for you - 09.01.21 Calcalist - lost Bitcoin worth $ 280 million - and does not receive permission to search the landfill - 17.01.21
  4. It also happened at Aliexpress and the estimated price in shekels was in parentheses in addition to the price in dollars that remained normal.
  5. It does not matter as you can see in my previous post here in the discussion the tweet from Ubisoft support so everyone accepts even if you could not connect. Just a few minutes ago I checked and received the game for the game library in Uplay, another article was published on the site that explains how to get the game time to act: Let's get the game Watch_Dogs 2 and additional bonuses at no cost - 13/07/2020
  6. Like many others I was happy to renew Red Alert 2 but I didn't think it would happen ...
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