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  1. MarketWatch - Texas fifth-grader cashes in the GameStop shares his mom gave him for Kwanzaa - for almost $ 3,200 - Jan. 30, 2021
  2. Calcalist - the family that has invested all its savings in Bitcoin and travels the world - 05.12.20 They also have a YouTube channel, is for example the last video from 18 hours ago ...
  3. Calcalist - Did you benefit from investing in Bitcoin? Income tax is waiting for you - 09.01.21 Calcalist - lost Bitcoin worth $ 280 million - and does not receive permission to search the landfill - 17.01.21
  4. It also happened at Aliexpress and the estimated price in shekels was in parentheses in addition to the price in dollars that remained normal.
  5. It does not matter as you can see in my previous post here in the discussion the tweet from Ubisoft support so everyone accepts even if you could not connect. Just a few minutes ago I checked and received the game for the game library in Uplay, another article was published on the site that explains how to get the game time to act: Let's get the game Watch_Dogs 2 and additional bonuses at no cost - 13/07/2020
  6. Like many others I was happy to renew Red Alert 2 but I didn't think it would happen ...
  7. Reminds me of the following discussion: ^ Some of them still exist in TMS only none of them have USB Type C. This feature depends on your motherboard and not connected to the chassis anyway you can always connect an internal or external network card. Please wait for more suggestions from forum members ...
  8. So it is that we have not passed yet there is no cure and vaccine and quite a few people make fun of the guidelines (including those that should be used as a personal example). Maariv - "Very significant increase in infection in recent days - across the country and in specific cities" - 03/06/2020 TheMarker - View the full list: Corona visits 110 schools and kindergartens - most of them left open - 04/06/2020 here - Documentation: Officers Senior officials violate Ministry of Health guidelines - 03/06/2020 Haaretz - After a first serological sample in Israel, researchers estimate that 200 have been infected in Corona - 02/06/2020 Although we are used here in a forum for hardware performance graphs (processors, video cards ... ), So this time another kind ... and in the world, without mentioning the different side effects of the healers ...
  9. Once I saw the comment, Deja Woo had what reminded me of the discussion itself and your detailed comment takes longer to copy and edit a comment than simply quote and give credit There is also another detail that you are not aware of because I did not just write but do not matter. good day everybody
  10. You copied @ nec_000's comment from the following discussion (which you could just link to) Purchase Consideration and Reliability Comparison - for fake comparisons and reliable sources - Posted 2019 October 7 You made a slight edit without giving him even a clear credit why, and you did not rate the same post but You will also use it to rate your posts
  11. Another option for office use at a variety of prices (depending on the specification) and a little less affordable compared to a stationary computer but much more compact that would be preferable to a laptop. The following two specifications of the ASRock DeskMini A300 with full utilization of the second budget with an exception for SSM NVMe in larger volume, there are options with SSD in the interface Another with a smaller volume together with a hard disk that may be noisier but you will get more volume. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G / 16GB (2x8GB) 2666hz / 256GB NVMe SSD AMD Ryzen 5 3400G / 16GB (2x8GB) 2666hz / 512GB NVMe SSD Additional review only with 2400G
  12. They don't even publish Hotbox 3 on their site already, but you can see it in the following guide For girls who are quite strong in the dark. In each case 01 and 2015 are similar, although 49151 looks like 3 upgraded (pointed corners) while 1 looks like 2 upgraded (rounded corners).
  15. Download the software from the official site of the Folding @ home project - from the following link * Crypto mining owners are invited *
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