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  1. Quote of urib

    Note! Eager to have Data Cap policy, if you exceed their limit ...

    You begin to experience disconnections and a drop in torrent traffic.

    Highly recommend purchasing VPN.

    I went through 7 rounds of hell with Hot, in this matter.


    Can definitely explain my experience when I was with ... until I switched to fiber optics and since then life has been strawberries ... at least in this area. 

  2. Hi, I had a similar dilemma more than a year ago whether to buy a 144HZ2K video card or a video card ... in the end I went for the And I was not wrong.

    It's hard to explain the meaning of it to those who don't know it, but I believe it is A breakthrough that is still a bit in its beginnings but can already be enjoyed by amazing things it can provide, in large part not just a gaming platform, but a new platform for media consumption. 


    If you have a normal 1070+ PC the RIFT S is a huge option at $ 400 .... if it doesn't have its wireless nurse.


    If you have any specific questions I would be happy to answer ... 

  3. Peace, 


    I am looking for a gaming screen with a high refresh rate after using a low 27 "2K 60HZ screen, something with a resolution not too high so as not to rape the video card every time and reach as high a refresh rate as possible (I currently have a 1070).

    I was thinking about H. 34UC79G-B Which comes in an interesting resolution but the screen sounds too big for its resolution so I would be happy for quality reviews.

    I also realized that at the moment there is no need for a GSYNC support card. These are also FREE SYNC. Will work with the new DVRs. Will this screen fit?


    If there are other recommendations I would love to hear, thank you very much!


  4. Can someone give me an opinion on this combination? 



    Processor Intel i5 8600 3.1Ghz 9MB Cache s1151v2 - Tray ₪ 960 1 ₪ 960 

    36695 Computer Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 3000MHz CL15 ₪ 800 1 ₪ 800 

    51187 Asus TUF H370-PRO GAMING motherboard (WI-FI) LGA1151v2, Intel H370, , 2xPCI-E, , DP, VGA ₪ 650 1 ₪ 650


    Total 2,400






  5. No, the opposite. There is simply strong competition between the private stores before the time of the investment of the cellular companies because of the disconnection. Which makes a lot of people prefer to buy the device now.

  6. People I did not ask to do a survey who has a wallet and some, and I'm already quite old for a NIS 20 skateboard wallet.

    Los, you're right, but it's like your headphones will spoil after half a year because of the dirt ("honey") in your ear. or Which will change from yellow to brown because of the sun.

    Do you agree with me that a quality product should not spoil its natural environment? That was what irritated me most that they expected me to wrap Hank in some silk scarf and cotton in a big bag that would not change his color.

    Does anyone have a link to a consumer forum where I can post the case?

  7. Hello guys, I'm totally nervous at the moment and I wanted to ask you if I have a case for any organization or body for consumer protection.

    The story is like that.

    A year ago in November I bought a leather wallet from the PURE store in the Golden Mall in Rishon Letzion, the wallet cost me more than 2009 NIS One of the reasons I invested so much in my wallet was that I loved its special color, To believe that this is a quality wallet that will hold me for many years.

    But this was not the case, after a few months, using regular and daily use like any other wallet, the wonder of the wallet began to change to a dark dark color added to it even more ugly stripes.

    The saleswoman argued with me for half an hour that this wallet was not bought for them, and in her insolence she refused to write down the name of the model of the identical wallet that she had in the shop only in color The original in Ze. She also refused to list the price and other details that I requested on the product delivery form.

    In the end, today I called the customer service to find out what was going on with the wallet, and informed me that it was decided to return it to me and not replace it with the new one as I requested, even if the warranty took place in a month. (Needless to say, And I did not have time to drive to the city where the wallet was bought). In addition, I was told that the wallet was damaged due to inappropriate use, that I asked why the claim was made for improper use of the wallet. appropriate. Really?! @? #!? @ 3!? @ 3!? @ #!? @ #?! @ # ?! : bash:: s07:: Facepalm:: screwy:

    I feel cheated, as if they stole from me 300 NIS I would buy a wallet in 60 shekel, but it is a purse that cost me more than 300 NIS.

    The customer service woman refused to transfer me to the manager, and she repeated twenty times, "This is what was decided."

    Is there any case for the complaint?

    Whatever it is, I can only warn you of buying from this company in light of my shopping experience there.

  8. One of the things that most frightens me is that you really have to get up and destroy this norm to leave a tip in every situation!

    Especially in places where the service is extremely minimal, for example ordering a beer from the bartender! Rabek take you half a minute to pour, should I give you that tip? That's the minimum you can do! What's more annoying is the insolent people who hint to you if you can drop the change into the glass of tips : bash:

    And it's clear that a few more shekels will not kill me, but that attitude is annoying.

    Just for example, two months ago I was in Ireland, where it is not customary to give a tip! Yes, in a country that has more pubs than restaurants. Why? Because Berman's name is considered a respectable profession and they get drunk and high on your skills and not on the cleavage (which explains why I do not remember seeing almost barbarian there)

    Something else is annoying

    This is even worse when your drinking / food is damaged by poor service, for example if I ordered a hamburger and I like to eat it with mayonnaise, sometimes until the hummurger mayonnaise is already cold, or something that happened to me recently. I ordered a restaurant with the house bread company before the main course. The bread of the house came with 2 from very spicy spices, especially since the bread itself was not special, so I ran to order some butter at least to eat with the bread. The waiter disappeared, after 10 minutes I called the hostess to call the waiter already, he came after another 5 minutes, and of course he brought the butter after the main dish was ready already as the bread was cold.

    This bread cost 15 shekel, why am I supposed to pay for it?

    And of course I also have no problem bringing a decent tip to the waiter who does his job properly according to the level of service, if it was an average service then 10% if more then the tip will be more.

  9. If anyone wants an escape from Hamasin, I was in Ireland two months ago. While here was the heat record, and while the summer record was still everywhere it is as if there is an air conditioner on you !!!

    Just a real pleasure, you can dress long, you can short ... whatever comes your way and cozy ... cozy !!!

    Realize how hot it is, they don't have such an air conditioner! Just don't! Only different stoves for the winter period.

    What is nice about this weather is that it rains several times a day every day, which includes a green shade. Really green carpets in every corner of a wild flap and other plants and trees. Just a dreamy place.

    And as a bastard who has a great affection for alcohol, whether it's whiskey such as jimson or Guinness beer and more and more and more ... heaven : xyxthumbs:

  10. I don't know about you, but I'm a pretty hairy guy

    Try to have sex at a normal pace and not like a turtle in this heat !!!

    When is winter already coming? I want to fuck normally without every second the girl is disgusted with sweat dripping from me

    Man, don't know what about you but usually as long as it's not Stutz and there is affection or her name is love ... A girl should not be disgusted by someone she sleeps with, the opposite should only turn her on even more.

    Although I agree with you that I also sweat so much sometimes I say I'm lucky to say the body is made up of 70% water because I always seem to have already lowered half of it ...

  11. Hi guys, I was probably screwed to the motherboard, the board was bought about two and a half years ago on FOX PC which I know became extinct, not enough that I heard that ABIT went bankrupt as well.

    Is there any chance of realizing that responsibility? This is nerve damage of NIS 700, maybe through the importer?

    The discussion that opened

    To anyone with information, thank you.

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