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  1. Hi friends, need your advice on the subject, I am currently with a specification that I am super happy with it does for me everything I need in terms of video / stills editing and even gaming. My specs are I7 8700K EVGA 1070Ti 32GB RAM CORSAIR VENGEANCE (3000MHZ XMP) Asus Z370 P II Tp-Link Pci - E WLAN CARD SAMSUNG EVO 970 SAMSUNG EVO 860 WD BLUE 1TB SEAGATE BARRCUDA 2TB 7200RPM Nectua and another one of 140 Nectua. ANTEC P120 With all my love for it I feel that the airflow in it is not successful, needless to say I have a D8 to install on the processor that currently does not fit the case so I am looking for a recommendation for the best case that can be found on a budget of 15 ~ 500 NIS (excluding shipping) On airflow, practicality. I just really really kept an eye on the Fractal Meshify C. Thank you for all the help and advice!:]
  2. Hi, first I will open the post with a statement as I know that for video this is a world in itself that requires higher quality screens on a higher budget, and yes I also know that a screen calibrator is needed that it will purchase regardless of the sequel, so I will refer to my search terms in the post. For help:] And now for that matter, I'm looking for a 27 "screen as an upgrade to my favorite DELL U2419H, the reason is that I feel I need a little more screen space + want to go up in resolution, 2K and north, at the moment I am very undecided between number of screens when My conditions are a budget around 2000 NIS, a very good warranty at least like DELL's, from my experience with my current screen, I received it with a screen scratch from the box and replaced with a new one within 24 hours, I am interested in such a level of warranty not to mention aggravation Of DELL when there are burnt pixels and still have someone to talk to to replace the screen, the dilemma is also between you 4K in this size and 2K but I realized that 2K is what sits stamp on 27 "and I wanted to know how much it will be enough for me to feel improvement from the current FHD screen The models I am debating: DELL U2720Q DELL U2719DC DELL U2721DE BenQ Designer PD2700Q and of course I am a Glad to get more recommendations in this range, thanks for the helpers!
  3. I'm just these days keeping an eye on a lot of screens, I do not have much how to help your post and hope you can find a solution, but unequivocally this screen is PLS and that's why I did not buy it, it is a technology that is basically the same as IPS that belongs to LG and Philips. While PLS are Samsung panels, I realized that these panels are a little less good in terms of color accuracy compared to PLS but better in contrast to those who are looking for it.
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