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  1. Look changed

    Everything up here in your response is your own personal conclusions that stem from the private insights of green salts and lunatics who have risen up in line with the crazy madness that pours filth without account,

    The fact that green is a trend in my personal opinion can be a big virtue but unfortunately it is a slogan that some idiot invented and another idiot uses it,

    What has to do with ecology?

    What is the connection to ecological awareness?

    What a trend in your mind, darling?

    If you asked me (and you did not ask, but hastened to put conclusions based on public relations of polluting factories and manufacturers of consumable products and you know what? I say this in his name: "Satan's deal" in which the human race is imprisoned) I would tell you that all I'm talking about is Awareness, what are you crazy about being extreme? Ecological awareness! that's it ! Shaw Malak "Green" or pink or slogans of copywriters Benny 17: s05:, Awareness is all!

    I asked her what they would do with the old phone, so she said she did not know and when I insisted (because I said That I do not need any other phone at the moment and that this device serves me well and provides me with all the communication needs I need at this time) What she thinks is happening with the old phone So she answered: "I know? Spare parts for phones" She was shocked I told her that if I replaced Now the phone just because I "want" a new device and "enthusiastic" financed then this phone will be garbage and it is And, she did not digest it and was unable to digest the fact that tens of millions of phones every year are thrown into the trash and polluting the ball, and only because of a new "trend" of phones, do you understand where the word trend borrowed?

    So I'm not suggesting any trend, I offer ads!

    I suggest you open your eyes and see how people who claim as your claims turn this beautiful blue ball into a pit of shit!

    I suggest you open your eyes and see that shit because you can only clean this shit and keep our planet.

    We know that resources are limited! I offer ads to the limits of resources so that they will not be depleted. That's what I suggest, not a "trend"! (A stinking word - skip it!)

  2. "Invalidating own imperfection invalidates "

    For a long time I have been arguing that those who are anxious about the ultra-Orthodox group are bullshit And it's all for Ethnan, but it's been since the Exodus - you know, mobs, and you won't get it wrong it's really not even about the ultra-Orthodox or not, but religious traders and just some mentally ill people, I know many ultra-Orthodox who are good people, Some employees learn some, live modestly and honestly and lovingly And man, umma what, just like I said, bloody businessmen who take advantage of the delusional to make people , This form of worship which is actually a form of idolatry for my sake is not the Torah of Moses in the main and as I have already said their Torah is worse for me (meaning in terms of version compatibility only) let alone any other religious book based on Moshe Torah.

    The Torah of Moses was intended to liberate the people, and the Torah was intended to bind him.

  3. The Palestinians are not Philistines, Philistines were in fact the people of the Mediterranean islands.

    The origin of the Philistines is controversial. According to the census in Genesis chapter 10, the Philistines are among the Egyptians. The Philistines are also mentioned by Amos (Chapter 9 verse 7) and Jeremiah (Chapter 16 verse 4) as Button (identified with Crete Island or alternatively with Cyprus Island).

    Archeologists have found a connection between the Philistine material culture and the Mycenaean culture of the Aegean, and it is now generally accepted that the Philistines took part in the migration of the Gentiles who invaded the Middle East region in the early 13 BC. By suppressing the invasion of the Gentiles by Egypt, the Philistines About the same time the Israelis settled the Judean and Samaritan mountains, for example, Papyrus Harris, describing the military achievements of Ramses III, gives a brief account of the results of the war in the sea in the eighth year of his reign. And settled them in fortresses named after him Wes claims that Ramses III "taxed them all in clothing and grain from the warehouses and structures every year." Some fortresses were actually cities in southern Canaan, the cities that were later five Philistine cities, which are: Ashkelon, Ashdod, Princeton, Gaza and Gat.


    There is nothing to mix meat and milk, both proteins, and what is suddenly such a question related to religion and faith? This is a question that belongs to a general forum on politics and politics If dealing with anthropology.

  4. The state takes this into account

    That is known

    The purpose of the reservoir is only to preserve and increase the power of the state over the citizens, remember my words, only, the rest is numbers, Yazifu will no longer be infamous less innocent than innocent, another Nigerian crossed the border or another drunk driver kid, all More people like Shitrit can secure their seat for those who care.

  5. You and I may, but Ronny believes that he will live forever and eat the wild ox (he does not say according to what slaughter, Mahfud or Badatz Beit Yosef and maybe God forbid Ohrbach - lol) and Livin (this name is kosher, it is Leviathan that existed with fins I asked him what is the punishment for someone who does not observe the commandments in the Garden of Eden, and whoever rules there is Elyashiv or Maran, and if they do not eat there, then how will it be possible to maintain The mitzva of washing hands there? חחחחח, they are not yet closed on the hieroglyphs of the sailing stamp to sell to people!

  6. Alak, spider I will not answer! Papapapah, why? Because you can not? Papapapah

    Confuse your brain that swallowing your wife in the back is fine but rubbing is wrong? And if your wife looks at you when you do that? Is this permissible? How do they dare to enter your underwear, Zeratostrai, do you deny the Babylonian Talmud?

    Even if there is a God (which is not at all clear - because you already say: "It's a matter of faith") Who determined that you are the one to interpret it? Where is this Exalted Being appointed by you to be the interpreter and authority? No divine place is written "Ronny the Zoroastrian he will say what I said right or not!"

    If the soldier made a mistake and violated the laws of God? God punish him! Why are not the Russians ready for such a deal?

  7. Do you understand ?

    According to Zarathustra's teachings, it is forbidden to finish a woman's face when she is already pregnant, because it is clear that she is already pregnant and the seeds you are spawning are dead. The troll does not understand the nature of the boat. He tries to justify the dark theory that they learned in the Babylonian exile. And their purity includes the harsh laws of niddah, etc.

    The sperm that has been put into the body of the pregnant woman is biodegradable, because Roni is allowed to murder the millions of Jews in potential there, but you must not rub for pleasure, why? Control the audience, why? Put you in your place? Why ? Because you need Ronny's permission and know that he will be allowed to touch your knight?

    He is an idiot in levels that are unthinkable and therefore unnecessary to even discuss with him. His rationality prevents his funding from understanding anything that does not fit in with the belief that he needs it as a shock absorber and as a barrier to the fear of eating it.

    And behind? Is it permissible to finish your wife behind? For there is no possibility of sowing here!

    Their rules are on the face, because of that I say that the soldier was sentenced to death because it is according to their laws, they are now portrayed, blah blah blah, in criminal law we will not touch and there will be no change but it will be as soon as you give them a foothold, , Ovadia Yosef is seen in terms of clothing (Ta'asu - Same dress! ) And style of speech just like Khamenei! (Even though Ovadia Yosef loves )

    I do not know if it 's about

  8. I've already written the difference

    For me there is room for truth other people do not have

    Except of course, her name is two. I say everything original and mine and I stand behind every word and never claimed that I understand everything but I am certainly willing to try to explain what I say and learn in the process.

    You already know everything and if you do not know there is someone who said that knows for you, in fact a mental leech is the way you represent. All you say is copy and paste from the material you save especially for this purpose on your computer. I mean, you do not exist and you are a ghost on the internet that will be replaced by software, that is, you are redundant - this is the truth. You only pass on information and you do not create it. You do not break patterns of thinking, you are fixed, you are limited and you can not deviate from the water A dead whose wisdom is completely questionable and therefore your path is clear and leads down and decay, it is clear that you are evil forces You're wearing black - lol (and do not bring a picture of the chacha again, okay?) Oh yeah and you're ignoring things you can not handle, like life, for example!

    And again it's not that I'm being scorned, heaven forbid, I'm not contemptuous, I detest!

  9. Zerstustra loathing, not disrespect.

    Inshallah, soon Iran will be destroyed with the demonstrations of their students who brought the ayatollahs. I hope that here we will learn the lesson or we will become the new Iran. This is the reality of Zarathustra. Thank you. That is what you want. You want to prevent people from their freedom and raise them on your fronts. , And you do not see it, it's just because you still have not been looking for Zeno's lesson - lol

    For people like you there is no objection to the teachings of the workers Joseph is Dick and Bella Blah blah, you leave people as a religion deserve all the evil she gets - a fact! All the Diaspora, etc., and you still do not learn.

    If you believe that all God's actions are right, you must agree that you deserve the attitude that the nations of the world give us? No ? After all, God said and God wanted! I would use this argument in the soldier's case:"If it is forbidden to light a fire on Shabbat, then why can not God Almighty prevent me from being sick, because he wanted me to light it, so punish him, why me?" But that's what I'd say. - LOL

  10. Rabbi Zerstustra

    You have no authority and no right to come and tell anyone else interpretations, and you certainly do not have authority over the interpretation of the Torah (and all the dead Zoroastrians who establish your vanity and evil)!

    The soldier according to the Torah should be punished with a more severe punishment than a military prison to 20 Day of course if we go according to the Minister of Justice,

    Funny, the dos are not serving but the kitchen is military, they do not work according to the rules, but the rules have to be theirs and not only that, but they will determine what these laws say, in short give a finger to take your shoulder and body.

  11. like I said

    This soldier should thank the gods of democracy, while in ten years he would have been accused of publicly desecrating the Sabbath,

    I am telling you where the country is going and you are only because of your inability to see that I am an idiot (well probably because of many other reasons, I suppose most of them do, because I'm an idiot?) But I'm telling the truth , And therefore Ariel Atias' proposal regarding infrastructure She will end up using them to increase their strength and just as Ronny the missionary constantly goes into discussions and never turns and learns something, his mantra is that you are ignorant and you do not understand, please invite you to read his profile all his positions, you are always wrong and he is right and not I also claim that what I am saying is true, so what is the difference between him and someone like me (because there is another like him in the forum, although they are strictly secular, but he does not know where you live, Their form of discussion and the same Kerry limited their ability to contain the truth of the other Kerry strives To reset) that I am willing and able to contain the truth of someone else and know that even when I am right it does not mean that the other one is wrong, that is, we are not playing a game that amounts to zero, ie if one is right it automatically makes the other wrong, gentlemen. They are right, people like Ronny, for example, do not understand it, there are some who do not understand it, what can I tell you, our problem - lol.

  12. Just be in the eyes, another 10 years the soldier was sentenced to death and not to 20 a day of military imprisonment!

    Ne'eman: Israel should be judged according to Torah law

    Minister of Justice called for the Hebrew phrase "Torah law will require the State of Israel, and the appropriate way to do it is step by step." Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: "There is no difference between gentile judges and Jewish judges who judge according to the law of gentiles"


  13. If you were a little studying, a little bit interested and a little bit deeper, you would know that, according to Judaism, heaven is not up in the sky.

    And you would also know that our universe is not infinite (according to recent scientific discoveries).

    You are worse than Scientologists, once and for all your grandmother's stories,

    You have stories for beginners

    Advanced Stories

    Stories for the Righteous

    : bash:

    Once you say in heaven

    Once in the country

    Ever Endless Ever Endless

    there is a God

    There is God but He does not help

    Halas, doesn't the token fall to you?

    At the end you will find yourself with "Zeno" : Lol:

  14. 7 rows of Fucking all But you did not say anything with content. Not to mention Proofs [/ b].

    Closed system? Are you retarded or are you just doing yourself (too successfully, I must specify)?

    If the earth was a "closed system", we would have been at the same temperature of the sun.

    Earth radiates so much heat into space that you can not even imagine.

    The Earth's heat leaves the Earth just as it reaches it, otherwise Earth has long been there

    A burning trend ball.

    Why damn it Should there be a link between global warming and pollution?

    It's like I'll tell you that I like to drive a Ferrari so you tell me I should try to eat

    More apples. What the hell The connection between the two?

    You understand that you can not prove that you are right, so instead of admitting the mistake

    Do you retreat to curses? Very mature on your part.

    Sorry, I'll fix my words You're both an idiot and do not know what your keyboard is emitting Take Take a breather, maybe fix your head,

    OM086 & 91; 1 & 93; .jpg

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