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  1. What is the recommended supplier for a computer with Ryzen 3900 + RTX2080Ti? Will 750 watts suffice or require 850?
  2. Hello, I am interested in a Ryzen 3900x processor-based computer specification with 64 Gigabytes of memory. I'm less concerned about what cooling is recommended (do you recommend water cooling?), What memory, what motherboard, etc., so I ask for your help. I would like the details to be in TMS or Ivory (I would love for your recommendation who makes a better quality). Video card doesn't matter at the moment, I'll add manually (I'll add the GTX 2080TI with 11 GHz memory). That is not included in the above budget (if anyone succeeds, great!) What matters to me is the reliability of a computer that can run over time even at the expense of these few percentages of performance. I give preference to a compact chassis (priority with a side window, no lights, etc.) but can hold at least 3 3.5-inch hard drives. I would be happy to even configure m-ATX if you do not raise the price significantly. Enough 1GB of network connection (Intel chip preference), no exotic or wireless connection required. The computer will be used to develop algorithms in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Thanks.
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