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  1. Unfortunately I feel that learning is not that effective for the market itself, there is a touch to everything but not to the depths
  2. So exactly, I do not intend to leave work soon, I want while working to learn something at home that will promote me in the future. Another line for a resume
  3. This is the first large company I work for, so my experience is she and an independent computer repair business I have started in the past. I am trying to direct my life right now to something that will be great in the future, or alternatively that will interest me in the continuation of my work in the field.
  4. Should you study a specific cloud first or KUBERNETS?
  5. The field of cloud interests me and sees a bright future there
  6. That's the thing, I'm not going to stay at work and I want to move on. Want to know what field is out there in this field to study.
  7. Open to everything. I will eventually find something that will interest me
  8. Can you please direct me to topics, courses that focus on the topic? The thing is but I understand that this is an area that requires a lot of programming, something I do not connect. Correct me if I'm wrong
  9. I feel like I'm already doing the same thing at work. Looking to learn something more that will open doors for me in the future
  10. Currently working a large selection in the field of system, servers, vmware support and more. Looking to become more professional but not really connected to the world of programming. I was thinking about aws but do not know if it will fit. what do you think
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