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  1. I will just update that the problem has been solved (the board is not dead at all, just the POWER button has been shortened) - so now I can comfortably do research for an upgrade in the coming months / years
  2. Update: The issue was resolved - the source of the issue was briefly caused by the POWER BUTTON cable as soon as it was disconnected. :
  3. Is it a comparison of performance or also price? Is the performance of the i5 10600KF assuming that makes OC or just a better STOCK PERFORMANCE? As I wrote I have no intention of starting to deal with OC and not extreme cooling ... nor did I understand - what about all the other options, what about 3700X let's say? How does it compare to 10600KF in terms of cost / benefit / price?
  4. I mean, to put it a little differently - I add 500 NIS over budget and get about the near-top edge? The one that can save and get reasonable performance I understand, the question is how many years will the i5 hold, and will it hold for the same amount of time as the e held me -4770 I purchased in 2013 (and in fact, still holds ....)
  5. But that's exactly the point, I do not want to upgrade every two to three years. At the time I deliberately went for a relatively "top edge" option just to have quiet for a maximum of time (held 7 years, without ever having a need or desire to upgrade, and in fact - I still don't - I could probably go on like this for another year or two or maybe even 3). Prefers to invest a little above and beyond on a one-time basis and get a return that will last for many years. Technology is changing at a rapid pace - but not fast enough to justify an upgrade every two years (for my use)
  6. I do not need OC, I got rid of this hobby when the prefix of my age was changed from "2" to "3" prefer if necessary to pay a little more to achieve better performance, instead of playing games with electricity and cooling.
  7. I do not think I represent "most people" necessarily (most people do not program or compile things, do not open 19,000 tabs at the same time and will not notice if the site costs them 50 milliseconds or half a second) - but I am also quite aware that my uses are Not extreme (I do not do VIDEO EDITING or RENDERING etc.) What led me at the time to choose the i7 was that the gap between it and the i5 was not large enough for me to compromise downwards, and in retrospect I am happy with the choice. Over these 7 years the price gap has completely dwarfed. What gap are we talking about here? How much will the budget exceed if I want to go for RYZEN 7 or i7?
  8. The power is a modular SEASONIC 650W .... I may have been knocked because of it but I find it hard to believe - I did not see anything swollen and there is not even dust on the board ... which is why it is so frustrating
  9. I tried to emphasize what I meant but I probably did not succeed --- the intention is not something that would be considered or good to have with me - (it goes without saying that I do not want to lower performance) - the intention was that I want something that in terms of performance / price - is in the same place The 4770 was - relatively speaking, in 2013 - relative to the alternatives that existed at the time ... Is it clearer now? At the time it was considered close to the possible "peak" of performance for the home computer, but not at the most EXTREME level that adds another 1000 or 2000 NIS just on the processor alone. In terms of price I felt then that it was a kind of "Iftum" in terms of value for money: " The most powerful processor that I will still see value for its price - and beyond that I will only pay extra but for a completely marginal improvement or one that I will not notice. "
  10. Are you talking about ordering from abroad? I do not intend to wait a month now until a new motherboard arrives here ... I need to replace it in the immediate to short term I found an alternative country (of GIGABYTE) for 200 NIS, but the CHIPSET is B85 and I'm not really enthusiastic about it ... Part of the reason I bought the Maximus at the time is, among other things, the aesthetics of the computer (open window) and this B85 board looks like something completely geriatric .... and upgrading after 7 years is not so bad either, anyway I probably should have done it sooner or later, my main problem is that I do not want to spend a fortune on something I do not need - and I got lost among all the options seven years ago when I built the computer I did research on it for months and collected components from all over the country That I had everything I wanted .... now I have to do it as if under pressure and it's quite frustrating ... so maybe really just install the replacement B85 board to make the computer "work" and then take it easy on an upgrade sometime later this year would be a reasonable option?
  11. Well - then it seems that my motherboard (7 years old) has gone - and needs to be replaced - but due to its age and due to the expense, it is better to already "upgrade" on the road, the question is to what .... I currently have: ASUS MAXIMUS HERO VI i7 4770 intel 32GB DDR3 Corsair RAM Radeon 270X Uses are mostly non-demanding games (LOL, OW, LOR, etc.) although since I would like the ability to play future games as well (without going crazy) + surfing with 19,000 tabs + movies and series in HD + development Software, etc ... everything I run today is running me completely round - so I do not see an urgency to upgrade the approx. The screen - as long as it will be possible to connect it to a new motherboard as well .... the memory does not necessarily make sense to replace it because it is OK, so the question is whether there is a new motherboard (compatible with the new processors) that will support DDR3? If not, which processor should I go for (and as a result, which motherboard?) I see that everyone recommends the AMD RYZEN 3600X as the most affordable or something of the style? Is its performance comparatively comparable to the i7 of 7 years ago (i.e., does it stand in relation to alternatives as the 4770 stood at the time)? And if I have to replace the memory - and assuming I want to stay with 32GB - what is the "recommendation" in terms of speed, etc.? NIS, I prefer that the upgrade is not more expensive than 1150 NIS - although I have no choice but to expand the budget. Thanks in advance to all the helpers ....
  12. Hi - so the computer is already 7+ years old worked fine until last night - and the morning started with random boots they are completely random - can be a "boot loop" at first but sometimes it ends and then the computer starts normally the computer can run long enough for me to enter Windows (7) And I will run through all kinds of software (for example EVENT VIEWER - which shows nothing) - before it reboots randomly the boot can also happen just in the middle of the black and white screen of "START WINDOWS NORMALLY?" Etc. the fans are working and the HEATSINK is completely cold so it doesn 't seem to me a matter of CPU warming or anything of the sort in short, seems like a hardware issue - I realized it could probably be the power supply or memory (or maybe other things) - but - does anyone know a way Where can I fix the problem without handing it over to a technician / lab? Suppose a place from which an alternative power supply and / or RAM can be asked? Alternatively, does anyone know a reliable lab / technician in the Tel Aviv area? Thank you
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