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  1. I'm just trying to do something simple and when I enter a certain place where I'm supposed to enter a password then with some shortcut how I put the focus on the box where the password is supposed to be automatically entered with the program but I couldn't really read, but I didn't understand how Getting started and how to write the code, I just started learning C # recently and I don't understand what is written in the code that brought me here.

  2. Yes but how much to put in the memories?

    This is my bio (this picture is from the internet), I played with it a bit when I put everything on AUTO processor on 2.8 but I still get this message when I put the first option on XMPI nothing helped when I put on DOCP (look on the right side of the picture it says it is To OC settings) So if I put the multiplier on for example 19 and the bass of 140 I got 2.5GHZ which is less than what the processor is supposed to run on but when I put more on it: 21 multiplier and bass on 160 the processor ran exactly on 2.8MHZ and not as much as it is configured (if I am not wrong XNXX ) Could the problem be in tensions?

  3. I tried all of these and it didn't help but I raised the multiplication that was from 20 to 21 and now I get the 2.8 speed but annoying message that the CPU changed, enter settings etc still exists, I increased the multiplication and bass a bit and there was no change At the processor speed and the message still appeared, how much should memories be?

    I also notice that in a post that they are on 1066MHZ

  4. I have an ASUS P7T i6 processor, and memories G.Skill DDR3 3x2GB (6GB) 2000MHz CL9, When the computer goes up, he writes me a post cpu has been changed.please re-enter cpu settings

    I also notice that my processor is running at 2.6GHZ rather than 2.8

    I have a memo settings panel, I tried everything and nothing helped, the processor is still running at 2.6 and I still have the annoying post

  5. I always said that a computer is much more convenient to play until now when I bought the 360 and plasma.

    There is nothing more comfortable than having fun sitting on the living room couch with the remote and playing fun on such a screen size with such a quality as compared to sitting on a computer chair with one hand on the mouse and a second hand on the keyboard.

    The gameplay is simply different and amazing.

    As for your second question, yes, there is a chip that allows reading burned discs.

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