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  1. I thank you for the help friends, you helped me a lot
  2. Thanks for the answer because the computer is used for everything (work, games, graphics ..) I thought of the i9 11900K (or i7 11700K) because I am already going for the long term so there will be something that will be relevant for a long time, what do you think about it? You're about the fourth person to tell me that there's no such thing as buying Intel, can you tell me in 2-3 words why? * One of the reasons I also thought of Intel is the possibility of working on the graphics core in case of a video card malfunction
  3. Hi friends, my computer is showing very advanced signs of aging and it's time to find him a successor. The truth is I am in favor of Intel because I have more personal experience with it and it also has the graphics core that can help me in case something happened to the video card, but some friends told me that it is not currently buying AMD over INTEL because there are some issues with INTEL processors lately, like all Mini times the computer "freezes" or "slows down" suddenly for no apparent reason and continues afterwards. Anyone come across something similar in INTEL processors? The purpose of the new computer is gaming and a bit of everything else. After I understand
  4. That is, that's why I thought of buying a dongle to give me a better speed than the 300 I get because I realized that WIFI 5 can give around 1000. Do you know me such a thing?
  5. Has anyone bought a WIFI dongle that he is happy with?
  6. Hi, I connected to fiber optics at a speed of 1000 but I can not get more than ~ 330 download on the laptop when I am connected to 5G (even when I am attached to the router) is there a way I can get the full speed through the 5G? Should I buy a special dongle or something? * It is clear to me that 1000 is theoretical but at least what can be thanked in advance.
  7. Hi friends, I am looking for a new wireless mouse that will be used mainly for work but also a bit for games (not a heavy player) It is important to me that the mouse be wireless and comfortable and efficient. I've seen the Logitech Mx 3 say it's very good at work because it's convenient and you can program its buttons according to the app you're in, but I can not do that with any of their mouse? And if so then why pay $ 100 for the Mx 3? I had Razer's mamba and it was very comfortable but the pulley broke for him relatively quickly and I do not think I can program the buttons for him like in Logitech. What do you think?
  8. Hi friends, I really wish I had the option of ECG (the heart test when you put your finger on the watch) but still this option in Israel (this app just will not appear) so I now have someone in the United States who can buy me the new watch iwatch5 And that's where this option works! (Not that he bought it in the meantime, just according to the site it will work in the United States) So what I'm actually asking is how do I make it work here as well? Should he run it there or something? Anyone know by chance? Many thanks in advance
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Amazon Prime Day 2021 Operational Concentration: Equal Computers for Every Demander

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