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  1. Apparently this is a funny little question after 68 pages, but nevertheless ...

    How to begin? Is this software downloaded, a website or ..?

    I have a relatively old computer with a Q6600 processor and a screen (if applicable) HD4890. He's been sitting on the side for over a year now, the HDD is screwed up, and I thought to use it for mining bitcoins only - 24 / 7. What hardware and software will help me do this optimally? Is there a preference for this or that operating system (for example, ubuntu over windows)? the mother Will be relevant? RAM? Screen? What should I upgrade to, say, 500?

  2. Next we'll think what Kaida can do with processing power that seems to match the power of ...

    Hint: They do not sit in bunkers with Kalachnikovs and pray to Allah all day long. Maybe the junior ones, but there are brilliant masterminds who are completely normative people, British citizens, Americans, Australians, you name it, engineers and senior academics - who can use such available processing power. Reminds that every snake has a head.

  3. Strengthens Dubi Zubi. The moment a soldier is kidnapped - to eliminate as much as possible the Hamas leadership - to shock the organization, even if it takes years. To immediately stop the transfer of funds to Gaza. And I'm not really knowledgeable about it, but I guess we're supplying them with water. If this is the case, you can simply stop pumping water until the soldier is not returned with an apology.

  4. Those in favor of the deal simply do not understand that the bereaved families are not the main cause of the opposition. The main problem is that the release of the killers will encourage the kidnapping of more soldiers, and add and repeat. Again, it is true that 1000 terrorists will not cause any harm to anyone who knows more about 20,000 in Gaza, but now every Monday and Thursday soldiers will be kidnapped. In other words, a higher chance of terrorist incidents is also a much better chance of many more soldiers being kidnapped.

    there's nothing to do. You have to make painful and unfortunate decisions. And with all the grief about it, releasing a soldier (and at such a price) is not a lucrative thing.

    The main problem here is the people. If it hadn't been so much pressure, the people might have come out cheap and released 100 terrorists. But as I said in my signature video - "Supply and amicable demand".

  5. In military action Gilad Shalit was killed, commandos were killed, She was a deterrent and had to negotiate Bodies Her soldiers.

    1) You speak as if the chance of success in such an operation is nil, quite wrong.

    2) Even in the worst case scenario, it would be better to kill a number of Commando + kidnapped soldiers than to release 1000 killers and prove to them that we are silenced, and justify further kidnappings in the future.

    3) Negotiations on the bodies? Do you not understand who we have business with? Will set terms - "If the bodies are not returned within 10 hours to state territory , Get in with tanks to Gaza, set fire to them from the sky until the whole area turns into sand. "Rabak, we have one of the world's strongest armies, and what a shameful terrorist organization is doing what it wants us to do. As soon as they hear the word "Israel".

    And know what? It is even better to put a condition without a body in it, if it serves the interests of the state. So once in a while her body would be without her body, for thirty years after that they would not dare kidnap us.

    And don't start confusing my mind about "what the world will say." "The World" is proud of Israel for what it was thirty years ago, not today. And even if we accept some 'reprimand' or 'threat of sanctions' - secretly "the world" will appreciate and admire us for being in our best interests. The "world" never, but never interferes with something that is more "heavy" than "rebuke." Hitler conquered all of Europe and "the world" scolded him repeatedly.

  6. And what do you tell new recruits who have to decide whether to go combat or not?

    If they released a soldier for so many terrorists, there was no reason for them to stop kidnapping soldiers, and then I would be afraid to enlist. If they came in to rescue him with the help Military, a big chance that soldiers would not be captured here in the next twenty years. Then I could mobilize calmly, knowing that I probably wouldn't be kidnapped because they realized it wasn't a good way to release 'noble freedom fighters'.

  7. For me, Bibi is a finalist.

    It makes no sense that every time scum wants to kidnap a soldier, they will do so, getting 1000 their "improved" soldiers - who have a first, second degree, and an even greater desire to hurt us. One killer must be released on one soldier and no more. If the demand goes to more than one killer - as far as I'm concerned, they will burn all of Gaza. Which is this? Suddenly we became a pampered state? They have to break their bones and show them once and for all who is afraid of who. Better to kill seven fighters in a failed rescue operation than to release these abominable killers.

    But it's better to avoid it and that's it. Strengthens Cririn - To enact a death to terrorist law and finish the story. Whatever it is to be very easy to convict, they admit without hesitation, and more proudly (see 'The Vogel Family Killers').

  8. The quote you brought fits that [of course you also need a source] ..

    I know my quote requires a source, but I read it a long time ago randomly online (maybe even Wikipedia) so I don't know exactly where to get it.

    "There is no such thing in your opinion, there are his writings" - before I went into the link it really sounded like there was an absolute dictatorship here :P

    Basically, I believe in something that drives everything, call it God, Physical Power or Chuck Norris, and I think those three options - even if they exist - really don't care about humans. If I was supreme, I would kill here and there for the fun and I really didn't care about anyone. But really let's not turn it into religion and belief.

  9. Religion has no direct connection to intelligence. It has to do with home education. The indirect connection is that if an intellectual grows up in a religious home and sees over time that God is very similar to Snow White, he may be repentant. But in principle, religion is education, just like values. Some believe geniuses and there are no believers.

    In my opinion, Einstein may have believed in supreme power. I read that he was already sick and dying, offered him to go to a hospital and he refused, he said something like, "It is time to come and do nothing about it. I made my contribution to the world and now I go." Maybe he didn't believe in a specific "god" but fate or whatever.

  10. There are two options: or someone lowers her for three trips until 6pm (and you will travel with her again after you return, she is a puppy and has a lot of needs), at about six months you will send her to a pension to train her a bit (which costs quite a bit) and consider that she You will not like you the way she loves your neighbor, for example, or you will find her a home that you know will have someone there to take care of you 24/7, properly. You can try the first one-two-week roof option, and if you see that she still needs home and eats everything that moves (and what doesn't), give it away ...

  11. My next task is to create EMBLEM Especially original.

    What is not understood by the word "original"?

    gman, just try to think about ideas .. we can not help you apart from giving ideas .. then the southpark sounds nice (although i think there is no chance of not yet done). You can do some A spaceship, what a logo , An American bill or any other non-profit (check with YouTube whether they did or not).

  12. Three times a day is not enough for such a dog. She is two and a half months, not half a year +. A dog, apart from hiking, cannot be home alone all day. Dogs freak out about being home alone, and besides that, at this age, they also require training and not just a trip 3 times a day. Some dogs just die of depression when they're home all day (and I'm not kidding).

  13. Hey,

    So that's how I brought the domestic bitch, the bitch of a budding boyfriend so I took one for a trial period, a two and a half month Labrador.

    The point is, I do not have a clue how to take care of dogs. I never had a dog or a cat. I only had hamsters.

    I wanted to hear general tips for anyone who has experience with dogs,

    Plus I'm in a very big dilemma, I'm at work about 9 hours a day, almost 3 hours going by going back and forth.

    That means I'm 12 hours away from home, it means that 12 bitch hours alone at home,

    Now the thing is that I love animals, I will never hurt her or cause her harm on purpose, and the truth is that I have become attached to her, but with such a way of life that she is alone at home for half a day in a certain place it seems to me that this kind of abuse towards the bitch .. Put the dog in a friend or keep it ...

    In short, is there someone who is in a similar situation and can give me tips from his experience?

    Thanks in advance.

    Wow .. man. It's a mistake. I've had dogs all my life, and I let you know. Dog (And especially puppy !!) Must be dealt with. Raising a puppy (s) is a challenge, you have to To be free for many hours to train, and just for heat. It makes no sense that the bitch will be home all day, she is two and a half months old and probably has her needs every half hour (and probably doesn't control them either). To raise puppies you must have experience with adult dogs (say eight months +), otherwise you - and the dog - are lost. The dog will be uneducated (I do not reach tame level, it is just a luxury), you will tear your shoes, papers, make needs all over the house, no matter how cute he is in the end you will have to hand it over. It's like a kid - you wouldn't bring a kid knowing he would be home alone all day when he was about two or three, right? My recommendation - give the dog to a close family (family, friends, etc.) that you know have experience with dogs and that they will not let her drink orange juice and eat chocolate "because it tastes good to her". The more you stay with her, the more you will relate to her, and the more difficult it will be to deliver her in the end (and unfortunately, this is what will happen in the end). If you don't have someone you know and can get the bitch - at least give it to someone who, by first impression, doesn't seem to be going to abuse her and sell her. Personally - I'd rather hand over a dog than sell it, but you'll make your own considerations ..

    Remember, for about 10 years I've been living with dogs (I'm 16) and every word that comes out of my mouth (keyboard) is correct. I'm talking from a lot of experience.

    sorry for talking a lot :P

    By the way .. I'm pretty sure Calendar was sarcastic and didn't speak seriously ... he just criticized the irresponsibility of the discussion opener ..

  14. I did not realize so much from the next patch all vulnerable to the shadows with silencer even if this foot will be considered ONE SHOT KILL HEAD SHOT ?! : Facepalm:

    No ... The damage multiplied by the head of a canal, so that there would be no situation that would hit the head with a sniper rifle silenced and it would not be One Shot Kill ... every shot in the head = killing, even with a silencer. Thankfully, it's really a mink to do HS with a sniper rifle muted and not kill.

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