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  1. It does not matter if you choose AMD or Intel. Both companies have excellent gaming processors. The most significant component to good gaming is the graphics card and from which you need to start. Intel has a one or two percent advantage in gaming. But only on a monstrous video card. In "normal" hardware everyone is the same. AMD gives other benefits at the same price: more cores, more processing power for applications that require it.
  2. In the past (mostly bulldozer and earlier) to get the best out of AMD processors, developers had to run special optimizations specific to these processors and the gap between processor-specific construction and generic construction was quite large. General software and operating systems are almost always built for a generic processor (the common denominator for all processors). In Intel processors the gap between specific code and generic code was not large but for AMD processors the gap was significant. At Breisen the picture has greatly improved. Brazen 5 The fastest Linux distribution is the Clear Linux distribution built by Intel with specific optimization for Intel processors. Despite the Intel-specific optimization, the new Raisin performance is also excellent in the Intel code. Here it is: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php? page = article & item = clear-linux-zen3
  3. Maybe you should still wait. The launch of the Reisen 5000 may lower the 3XXX
  4. Designing a processor and producing it costs less? What are Apple's reasons for self-production?
  5. Intel is no longer reliable. And no less. Both companies provide excellent processors. Both companies had bugs in the processors. Where does the statement that Intel is "more reliable" come from? Whatever one you buy, will be good for you. The 5800 is better for general uses. Gaming makes no difference.
  6. A good way to learn the word "rather" is in the following joke: Yossi: Teacher If you were called Mina I would sort you out. Teacher: But my name is Xena Yossi: On the contrary!
  7. Has AMD announced in its roadmap when will zen3 mobile processors be available?
  8. This is a known rule. For limited budget gaming, it is better to save on a CPU and buy the weaker processor that will do the job and the money saved to invest in the graphics card. Gaming performance will be superior thanks to the graphics card. (For example with older APUs A10 compared to the i7 + card built into the processor, the A10 was much weaker)
  9. I'm a fan of AMD and would love to see it hold the performance crown after nearly 15 years at Intel. I had a square and hex Phnom II and bulldozer fx-8350 and they were great for my needs (today with i7-4790k) just what ... I see some of the comments here. They are more joy to Eid and a finger in the eye than a serious discussion about this launch. This launch is important thanks to the performance jump within the existing power envelope. Which means zen 3 mobile processors will be powerful and efficient. (Home hardware today is several times stronger than the requirements for actual uses (except for gamers perhaps). I have a 6-year-old processor and do not feel that anything is missing. This is the reason why I think the desktops market today is less important than the laptops)
  10. What graphics card do you have? Gaming the graphics card is more important than the processor
  11. Note that HT is pretty much it. The 4C / 8T processor does not double the multi-process / capillary load performance.
  12. Where does your current processor restrict you? Keep in mind that the 4790 is the same with HT. Not something that will revolutionize your experience. If there is something limiting you, then probably the i7 of the same generation will be limited and of course, overclock will also not significantly improve the experience. If there is nothing to restrict you in CPU performance you can enhance the experience in other ways: faster memory card graphics card, etc.
  13. You can mix memories you will not feel in performance difference with or without dual-channel you may feel a difference as a result of memory addition (if you do not need 8G continuously you will not feel. If lots of programs are open for a long time you may feel improvement in system agility in general).
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