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    [LEFT] [B] CPU: [/ B] I5 2500
    [B] COOLER: [/ B] SCYTHE MUGEN 2 rev. b
    [B] MB: [/ B] INTEL DH67CL
    [B] Memory: [/ B] 2X4GB DDR3 1333
    [B] GPU: [/ B] GV-R685OC-1GD
    [B] PSU: [/ B] Seasonon S12II Bronze 520 W
    [B] HDD: [/ B] Samsung HD103SJ 1TB
    [B] SSD: [/ B] Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
    [B] Case: [/ B] CoolerMaster 690 II
    [B] Keyboard: [/ B] G510
    [B] Mouse: [/ B] G500S
    [B] Monitor: [/ B] Dell 2311H
    [/ LEFT]

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  1. When you change settings other than resolution you can also change the processor load. Usually the load increases only on a video card but with you in your game there will also be a change in the load on the processor.
  2. I looked at the game, it really doesn't require much. But your video card is really weak. When you buy a newer video card, you can work on the natural screen resolution and get a more beautiful image. In terms of processor it doesn't matter what resolution you play. You ask if what you get is okay, it's terribly subjective. I always try to get the maximum out of the game's ability graphically, it forces me to buy more expensive video cards and processors for that but on the other hand it's what I like to see in the game and have to pay for it.
  3. Is this a very low resolution because of a screen that does not support? Or are you using such a low resolution because of a very weak video card?
  4. For video card 730 and 1030, the same card for my memory only changed its name for remarketing.
  5. Depending on how you embody the difference. If we talk about card A holding 50 frames per second, then card B under those conditions will give 80 frames per second
  6. There is always something that is a bottleneck, it is not something that is terrible. In your case putting a 2080 TI video card at 5000 NIS with a processor like yours makes no sense. But the difference between 1650 and 1660 is relatively negligible so the matter of a bottleneck in the processor you will feel less. By the way, I sent you a private message, look if you want to take a check before you even buy anything, maybe it will close the corner for you.
  7. I wrote about the GTX 670, and this card is worth a performance to the 1050ti that can still be found for about NIS 500. Hand 2 will find those around NIS 300-350 free. To claim on the GTX 670 $ 1200 is to be disconnected from the market, or be a crook.
  8. I recently saw something trying to sell a 16-year-old GV-6700 ticket for 1200 NIS. A ticket worth half a shekel. There are plenty of these, you have to understand what you are looking for.
  9. Hello friends, I haven't entered the forum unfortunately. I got a little rusty so I'd love to help you. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is it possible to make an exception if necessary? 5000, no. 2. What computer is useful (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content, for example), is there a specific example of a game or software? Computers, programming, working in CAD software. 3. Are peripherals needed (eg keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? No need for peripherals, the computer will be connected to a 32-inch resolution 2560X1440. 4. Is there a basic component that need not be included in the specification? (For example, an existing SSD drive that can be attached) GTX 1070 video card, and HDD is available. 5. How important is quiet computer operation? Most important 10. 6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size and weight of the computer, lights, etc.? USB 3.0 ports up front, better than 2 USB ports earlier. Preferably a width no greater than 220 mm enclosure. The computer from a specific store, if it is also not possible to specify a residential area, prefer TMS for their service 7. When is the computer scheduled to be purchased (it is highly desirable to request a specification at short notice from the time of purchase)? In the coming days 8. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections (For USB Type-C or FireWire)? USB 9 ports ahead, better than 10 USB ports ahead 3.0. Is it important to maintain the computer upgrade horizon? A video card is going to be upgraded in the future. Extended and Varied: I chose most components, and I have a few things missing.I lack a quiet computer case I thought of a number of options but do not know what is better: Corsair 2q Be quiete Pure base 11 Antec P12 / 110 Fractal Design R600 Corsair Carbid 110R I lack power supply Quiet and modular quality Not sure that the motherboard is good enough for a processor like 101X. Attachments detailing this specification were compiled on - The reliable and professional computer network in Israel Processors: AMD Ryzen 5 330X AM3700 Box Quantity: 7 - Price : ₪ 3700 Motherboards: MSI B4M MORTAR TITANIUM Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 1474 RAM: DDR450 1G / 462 CL4 XPG GAMMIX D16 A-DATA Quantity: 3200 - Price: ₪ 16 SSD Drives: A-DATA SSD 10TB XPG SX2 PRO M.767 1 Quantity: 8200 - Price: ₪ 2 Total: ₪ 2280 Price in Eilat: ₪ 1 commit to The most lucrative price for the same specifications. Prices include VAT and are payable on credit up to 816 equal payments without interest. Https://
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