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  1. Check which transformer comes with it with hundreds to the country
  2. Good Lenovo computers, especially the Thinkpad series, usually build them that were easy to disassemble and repair
  3. Try updating drivers or installing drivers a few versions back, two years ago I had something similar with a Gigabit 1060 card, installing old drivers fixed the problem for me.
  4. You will not see any difference you will see in this video, Linus made a comparison with a cable that costs a thousand dollars and did not see any difference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgy5fX-VPCs
  5. Agree with you that cryptocurrencies are destroying the world economy but somehow they are not going anywhere. Large companies need to start releasing dedicated hardware to miners that may be based on other chips instead of those on video cards. How about in a few years we'll see most PC gamers switch to game streaming services or will this bubble of digital currencies explode like in previous years?
  6. I think we will continue to see the shortcomings in the next generation of video cards as well, the only solution is that a dedicated hardware for mining will come out much more expensive than video cards that the paperwork will move to and then the video card market will stabilize. Otherwise we will have to switch to playing consoles or game streaming services through the browser as they come out now.
  7. It will probably sell for 2000 shekels in Israel, but in general we can find it in stock, which is a bit annoying, which is now going on in the video card market.
  8. Thanks, does it make sense to go for an AMD based system?
  9. Shalom requests a recommendation for a stationary computer for a relative who is in Eilat. This is the main use for games, it currently has a 1080P 200Hz screen. There is no need for peripherals. Budget around 5500 at Eilat prices. Thanks to the helpers.
  10. Great review! Now you just have to wait for the buzz on the tickets to go down and you can buy them at a normal price of $ 400
  11. You have a very powerful video card, but for those who have a 1060GB GTX3 like me there is a very good reason to upgrade
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