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  1. I'm not that much of a web hosting expert but with your site running fine on a 15 year old laptop you probably do not need anything very powerful.
    There are servers in this song:

    I think to you to consult here with people how to upload your server to the cloud in my opinion would be more lucrative than buying and maintaining a home server.
  2. Quote by amstel


    I have AORUS 5700 XT I bought some time ago in Newegg

    Comes with 3 warranty years


    Now all three fans have stopped working completely,

    Not in SILENT mode and not in OC mode

    Nor through the software AORUS ENGINE


    I am interested in exercising responsibility,

    I opened a ticket on GIGABYTE But there is no answer there,

    I turned to Newegg And they opened another ticket for me through them, two days have passed and there is still no answer.


    Is it possible to exercise responsibility in the country?



    Try updating drivers or installing drivers a few versions back, two years ago I had something similar with a Gigabit 1060 card, installing old drivers fixed the problem for me.

  3. Quote of Kfir

    It will not help a dedicated mining card 

    The same machines instead of production graphic cards Make mining cards 

    What is available will be bought by the miners 

    NO graphic cards They buy computers Mobile With video cards 


    The solution that countries need to put an end to a currency that only causes economic damage 

    People will lose capital on a declining currency 

    $ 25,000,000 million costs electricity to generate digital currency in one day.

    Agree with you that cryptocurrencies are destroying the world economy but somehow they are not going anywhere. Large companies need to start putting out dedicated hardware for miners that may be based on other chips instead of those on video cards.


    How about in a few years we will see most of the players Are you switching to game streaming services or will this bubble of digital currencies explode like in previous years?

  4. I think we will continue to see the shortcomings in the next generation of video cards as well, the only solution is that a dedicated hardware for mining will come out much more expensive than video cards that the paperwork will move to and then market Will stabilize. Otherwise we will have to switch to playing consoles or game streaming services through the browser as they come out now.



  5. Quote of Moon-Mage
    category PRODUCTS Amount מחיר
    Processors Intel Core i5 10600KF / 1200 Tray 1 ₪ 725
    Coolers for processors CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Spectrum Cooler 1 ₪ 101
    Motherboards Gigabyte Z490 UD 1 ₪ 584
    Memories DDR 4 16G (8GX2) 3600 CL18 DARK For TEAM 1 ₪ 331
    Enclosures ANTEC Gaming Case NX800 1 ₪ 335
    Vendors for desktops ANTEC PSU 650W High Current Gamer Gold 1 ₪ 362
    SSD disks Gigabyte SSD M.2 PCIE NVMe 1TB 1 ₪ 434
    graphic cards Inno3D GeForce RTX 3060 Ti ICHILL X3 1 ₪ 2289
    Total ₪ 5161


    TMS in Eilat

    Thanks, does it make sense to go for an AMD based system?

  6. Quote of urib

    According to the direction of the UNREAL 5 engine in the demo of the Sony PS5, the next generation of game engines will be based a lot on streams of shiders in 4-8K directly from the drive SSD.

    In my opinion CPU-based gaming computers AMD Having PCI 4.0 support will allow the next generation of SSD Capable of reading / writing at 7000 MB / s.

    I see here a serious limitation in established gaming computers Intel. My opinion on the matter that if Intel Will not soon support PCI 4.0 they will become irrelevant.

    Even if Intel manages to give more FPS thanAMD It will not change much anymore because the next generation of game engines will work on streaming shiders directly fromSSD.

    I know XBOX fans will not like what I write, but ... not just Sony choseSSD Super faster than hardware equals 12 TFLOPS of theXbox The new.

    One last thing, from what I understand from the developer forum of NVIDIA, There is talk of almost 8% improvement in favor Performence In PCI 4.0 on 30X0 amp cards.

    Please note, this is just a rumor!


    Yes you are right about PCI-E 4, we may not need a very powerful processor at all for the new cards with they transfer most of their calculations straight to a video card.

    I know Intel has support for pci-e 4 that they will probably develop in the next generation of their processors, and besides these SSDs are very expensive so far and in the near future they are irrelevant to most people.

    In my opinion AMD has an advantage with the support of the PCI-E 4 and in general it is easier to upgrade them, not like Every 2 generations stop going backwards.


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