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  1. Is there a recommendation for a video card effort test? I will try to work with only one set of memories in the meantime, thank you everyone I will try what you have suggested
  2. If you do not touch a computer for a certain amount of time then it can go into sleep mode. With the computer still in charge then Eli is better off contacting their support.
  3. Hello, please help me find the problem on my computer. The computer restarts or simply hangs up and displays the last frame that worked, when it gets stuck in the lamp on the chassis showing that the computer is doing some calculating and not blinking. Most times it gets stuck while I play but also gets stuck when I only use a browser or a minute or two after just turning on the computer, always in random mode. I searched the event viewer for errors and didn't show anything there except restarted the computer. Sometimes the games crashed I was notified that there was a problem with Drivers I ran memtest correctly I checked the disks with crystal disk info Shows that the disks were upgraded to BIOS If I reinstalled the operating system currently in win 10 pro 2004 version I upgraded and I still reduced the video card drivers, the error still did not work out And he kept crashing. I think this is a problem with a video card or power supply, do you have any recommendations for more software to check the components or something I can find the fault? Computer Specifications: i5-8400 processor motherboard z370-a-pro ram 2 vengeance corsair 3000MHz 8 * 2 total 32GB SSD installed on samsung pm961 256GB hard disk seagate TB 2 disks SSD crucial mx500 gigabyte card gtx 1060 3gb antec power supply VP650PM
  4. A great article is waiting to see the performance tests for wine processors that are more relevant to me
  5. AJ

    Upgrade video card

    I realized thank you it seems I will increase the budget How about the 1660 super can do the job? Or to go further into 2060?
  6. Hello everyone I am thinking of upgrading my screen charts I currently have a gtx 10060 3GB of Gigabit 27 inch 2K 2560 * 1440 processor i5 8400 ram 32gb power supply 650w My card is relatively fine but I notice that it is hard to keep 60 frames Of 2K in some games in height settings. I was thinking maybe selling mine and buying a new card that could deal with the Herzlutz, how much do you think my card is worth today (still in charge)? Maybe it's worth waiting for Enoydia's 3XXX series? A budget of NIS 500-600 plus what I can get for a ticket
  7. Hello I was asked to install minecraft for my nephew an 10 boy, I saw that there are 2 versions and the Windows 10 version and classic version, what version to install for a kid who is just starting to play it? Thanks for the helpers
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