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  1. Peace

    I have a 1TB drive that seems to me to be going to die soon.

    I want to buy one instead, with 1 or 2 tera.

    The main use - storage of Series and music, which I access either from the computer itself or from the smart TV (via the network).

    I thought of going towards the seagate baracuda.

    I have read some articles about the srm technologic. But I could not figure out if srm is good enough for my needs or not.

    Can you recommend me if this model is good for me, or maybe there are other models?

  2. Hello!

    Looking for a video card in the price range of 500 to 1000 NIS.

    The main use is for watching movies, series, etc., at 1080p or higher (also hopefully)

    Occasionally, occasionally, some computer covert, too, but this is not a cog with too high requirements that came out just two days ago. Usually things are a little older. For example, I recently tried the GTA5 which was free to download, and it just didn't move on my card today (which is very old because mine was screwed so a friend just brought me for two). So I would like at least that covet to work properly even if not in the best settings.

    Beyond that, I am an editor (Lightroom and Photoshop) and very little video. I understand that what affects image processing is mainly that The computer's RAM and less the video card, though it can help even if it's strong enough - right?


    What still matters to me in terms of the card is that it will have at least one connection to DVI and one or 2 to HDMI.

    Any additional connection - bonus (if there is no DVI but there is DP and it is possible to work with an adapter from DP to DVI probably also fine)

    It is also important to me that HDMI transmit the sound to the TV (I had cards transferred, I only had cards if I connected an SPDIF cable, and what I have now even with the SPDIF cable does not work for some reason)


    A friend recommended me a video card GTX 1650 SUPER OC 4GB GDDR6 DVI DP. I saw that his price was between 800 and 900.

    I am pretty sure he is enough for what I need

    The question - is there anything that can also meet my needs, but a little cheaper


    If this is an important parameter, I have a 500W power supply if I am not mistaken. Operating Win10. GA-P55M-UD2


    Thank you

  3. Quote by nehoray26

    This is exactly the system that I received this problem several times and when it installed a valid serial it worked (the truth is that I also replaced the installation) but I'm not sure it's related 

    It is probably a bug in the hack or you are looking for another hack ...

    I will try to see if it is outbreak or not


    In your case, would you also accept that there was a problem with the card driver when it was blue

  4. Hello everyone

    I have a computer I got a few months ago

    It's a relatively old computer

    Its specification is:

    i5 750 @ 2.67 GHz (4 cores)

    DDR3 12 Gb (2x2 + 2x4)

    ATI HS 4770, 512 Mb


    Motherboard: P55M-UD2

    There are 2 Terra HDDs, one is divided into 2 (half each)


    The problem I have is that every now and then, the computer just hangs up and nothing responds until you turn it off. A small percentage of the time I see a blue screen and then I realize that the problem is related to a video card. It probably isn't Because I updated several times. I did some testing for the computer's RAM and it works fine. Which is why I suspect the problem is with a video card.

    The problem can appear hours after the computer is on, or shortly after the shutdown.

    While watching order / series, and also while using the browser.


    What I thought was to check what happens if I disconnect the card for a few days and only use the built-in card. There are problems with this:

    1. The computer is connected to a TV (other than a computer screen) so I often use it to watch things on TV. Disconnecting the card will not allow me that

    2. There are periods where some days the malfunction does not happen. And so even if I cut off the card for a few days and nothing happens, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the problem


    If there are any ideas for further investigation of the problem - I'd love to hear



    And on the other - are there any recommendations for an alternate video card?

    I don't play heavy games.

    Yes does make some edits in Lightroom / Photoshop, but not too heavy.

    Yes I would like to have the opportunity to play games like the last one that came out Even if not the best quality it allows. But if that means the price jumps too high, then I'm ready to give up.

    Up to 1000 shekels guess that's fine. If less is possible, good too


    And if at all you think it is better not to invest in upgrading this computer and it is better to go for a brand new computer, then I will consider it ...



  5. Hello friends

    Like most of us, want to take advantage of Black Sixth

    A friend recommended me the crucial 250 gigab (I have standard HDD drives on my 2 drives so no more need for the operating system)

    On Amazon I saw a reasonable price (a little cheaper than the country), but I also saw some people who gave less good reviews because he stopped working for them after a few months to a few years (two years)

    Does anyone have a bad experience with these drives ?? Because I read a bit on the forum and saw only good things


    Another question - the computer is a bit outdated. What things do I need to look at to know that the computer fits into the drive such a? (There is a SATA connection of course, there is a 12 gigabyte, 10, i5 processor) .... What else should you know?


    Again I mainly want the windows to be there, and maybe some of the heavy software I have like Metlab and Photoshop. Not any more (no heavy games, or games at all).



  6. Hello to all the distinguished forum members .... 

    I've got some Balory movies already in the house, except I no longer have to play them. I bought a package that comes as well So at the time I was content with just that ... but I already want to move on to the next level icon_smile.gif 

    First of all - do musicians sell in Israel? I was looking for the usual sites (chains, electrical products, zap ...) and not really found. Only in computer equipment networks did I see that there are drives in the Which are stinging and unreadable. 
    So I thought to buy one and use it as a player (computer connected with For television). 
    My guess is that I will not be able to play because maybe the computer lacks things that are supposed to be in order to succeed in playing .... Am I right? 
    I understand that you can use VLC + some plug-in's but I've read that even this is not safe enough .... 
    Does anyone know? 

    Another option is Sony's traditional Bluetooth player, , Pioneer, etc. 
    So again, in Israel I did not find such musicians, except for one who comes with , In Samsung's power warehouses, but from a brief test on the network, it seems not very good. 
    Does anyone know where in Israel you can buy? 

    The option is to buy in the sand - Amazon. 
    I've seen a few models lately, both Sony and Mainly. Write about them that they should match 220 Volts as in Israel and also write region free - does that make sense? 
    The movies I have at the back are written ABC and so I guess that means they'll work on any device in Lorraine, no matter what its area - right? 
    So how should you choose such a player on Amazon? 
    The ones I've seen so far are: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VPGS1J0?tag=h0dab-20&





    Does anyone know? Are they recommended? Or should I look for something else / somewhere else? 

    Thank you very much to all the helpers ..... and sorry for the long post, quite new in the field
  7. Peace,

    I have an old patina of (Model vaio if I'm not wrong, the lover is not a lady).

    The computer probably went hd.

    This computer has a Blu-ray drive and a port .

    I thought of making Ozzo somehow play a Skate Blue Ray (perhaps by making me boot from an external drive)

    Does anyone have an idea of ​​how (and if) it can be done?

    I think the Blu-ray drive itself can not be removed from the computer



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