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  1. Do not get involved, the seller does not ship to Israel and the shipping company (Dilts) replied that there are regulations and they are not allowed to ship to Israel. I can ask a favor from a friend but do not want to get involved because of me at the airport. com / gp / product / B07RZB43ZT / ref = ox_sc_saved_title_4? smid = A1CW5T4CGO5Y9P & psc = 1
  2. Hi, I want to buy a rechargeable battery for the computer The shipping companies can not bring because it is forbidden to send lithium batteries that are not connected to the device I know that it is not possible to bring a suitcase that fits in the belly of the plane ( Can a friend bring it with me on the flight?
  3. Hello friends, where can I get the power supply of my Partner Router (Technicolor dga2232) and how much will it cost me?
  4. I would love a recommendation for a quality router that I can purchase independently to connect to a partner, but that also has a landline phone entry (this is important to my wife for some reason) (I have a Fiber Media Converter) I would love recommendations up to 500 NIS From Amazon, etc.)
  5. Because the child claims to have become accustomed to menus in English. But this is something that can be easily changed later no?
  6. Ummmmm, this is a bit urgent because the kid has been waiting for it for a while and because the classes are zooming in, we still need an extra computer for the house. Why is this a bad time?
  7. I want to buy a computer for gaming and write some budget code up to 4800 NIS I received the attached offer and I would love to hear your opinion
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