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  1. Unsuccessful combination, its VRM area looks basic, there is likely to be a slowdown in effort, assuming you meant the i9 10900.
  2. Download and assemble and that's it. It is advisable to update BIOS first. No need to reinstall an operating system, maybe one or two restarts. Look for a memory that suits you, it does not have to come in a kit, it is desirable that they be the same. In the manual of the motherboard it is written that it is possible to remember that the chips are on one or two sides which is good. Check online if it is possible to put a single stick of 8GB, if 6 memories are not required, check that it is possible with the fan.
  3. The processor from Ali Express. Memories.
  4. The system has been operating steadily for about two years. I had an i7 930 that I replaced with a Xaone on my own, no problems. I tried a little fast, I did not have patience at the time, preferably also faster memories. The frequency of the memory is 666x2. For this the name DDR. Double data rate 1333MHz. 12MB of memory was enough for me, I also did not want to invest too much. thermalright-ultra-120-extreme
  5. Take a look here At 1200/1200 dpi list eq with of technology (equivalent) in short 1200 this is a technology that reaches (in theory) a print quality similar to 1200 dpi not real 1200dpi .
  6. Greater speed can be made for the more 'successful' cores Raisen Master shows who they are.
  7. Your memory is 2133MHz. Your board supports up to 2400MHz, sometimes the board and processor let do the speed to higher speed, sometimes it is blocked, in your case even if possible it will be limited because your board is not z170, also the benefit in your case will be negligible, in short the cheapest 2400Hz memory regulation you find, If there is a good price for higher speeds also possible, are you now on xmp in the BIOS?
  8. Upload an image from disk management, the disk may not be formatted, remove portable drives and USB drives.
  9. To know for sure you need to open the bearing, sometimes it means destroying the fan, usually if you do not register anything it is a sleeve bearing. Even if you register a long lasting fan etc.
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