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  1. To know for sure you need to open the bearing, sometimes it means destroying the fan, usually if you do not register anything it is a sleeve bearing. Even if you register a long lasting fan etc.
  2. Note that it is listed next to the file you are downloading that the file name needs to be renamed. Download a non-beta version. (I understand you only need to change the name if you use the USB flashback tool). In a normal installation the file needs to be extracted from the zip, perhaps because the board did not recognize that it is a BIOS file.
  3. Did you reset BIOS? Make sure the video card is securely connected and that all connections from the carrier are connected properly. According to the link it is related to a video card, because it was not before a reasonable chance that it is the BIOS, if not working you will return to another version as Jacob suggested, you will also see what the lights indication on the board.
  4. Excellence temp. If you are already diving into it check with prime95 for 20 minutes and with the cinebench loop at a similar time, also check what the frequencies are.
  5. Sometimes a store loses a customer because of an attitude even though it is right. No idea what was going on here, maybe the customer wasn't particularly nice either. Let the store respond @plonter
  6. I thought sometimes it lit up. Try a very long press on the start button. If you do not try to light through the board by shortening pins. Jump start mother board.
  7. It's OK. The card needs 3 12V. 5 Ground or emotion. That's what you get. The connection to the processor will use 4 12V. 4 emotions.
  8. How many tendons are there after connecting to the supplier? It is likely that there are 8, 5 ground some of which are sensors and 3 12V, not necessarily the fourth is connected. Try to see the inputs of the cables at the back of the first connection to the card.
  9. If the power is inside with normal protections, the most they will be activated. Try with 2 cables.
  10. It is recommended to change supplier, you can try to connect 2 cables and see how it works, the card will probably try to draw less current, this rule of thumb for the series, card with 2 connections 750W, for card with 3 connections 850W, obviously also the CPU and the rest of the system These are short-circuit power jumps, which sometimes jump defenses, if you buy a new carrier make sure it works well with these cards. It is better not to doubt sfx, they are prone to problems with these cards. Read the comments. aspx
  11. Excellence temp. Regarding the processor, Raisen Master will operate and you will see that the maximum temperature of the processor is 95, as soon as you reach it the processor will lower the frequency and / or voltage. As long as the processor below from the manufacturer's point is normal, another temperature that can slow down the processor is the VRM temperature, you will see if your board monitors it, the aspiration is not to be regularly in the 95 degree range, you are completely in a good area. The maximum temperature of the card's processor is 93 degrees, here too the same story, VRM can also slow down, you are at a good temperature, the lifespan of the capacitors is affected by temp, but the capacitors that are put on today is not a factor that affects in practice.
  12. doable. Samsung comes with duplication software, there are also a lot of free software for example clonezilla.
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