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  1. The memories are installed properly, so I was surprised they constituted a bottleneck. It is difficult to compare apples to apples because there are too many variables. Compared to modern platforms, when it is clear that it is an upper limit that cannot be reached with an old platform. Anyway, if the CPU was a bottleneck right now I would expect it to be reflected in CPU utilization, which is not the case.
  2. Brief update: The memory speed is probably a bottleneck, as @Jabberwock noted. After increasing the frequency from 2.13GHz to 2.67GHz there is an improvement of about 10-20fps on average. Not yet at the level I would expect from the staff, but a noticeable improvement. Maybe there are more bottlenecks. post Scriptum. This is a bit surprising, because even with the previous frequency the bandwidth of the memory is significantly larger than current powerful processors that get high fps, such as i9-11900K. @yoavke I have closed background software that can be problematic. vsync is not enabled, and the screen does not support gsync. It had no effect. Agree that probably the problem is not in the card.
  3. All cores are more or less balanced in terms of efficiency with the current settings (all 16 HTs). 1080p resolution. Currently on the highest settings. It does not matter if you choose lower settings - it does not have the language on the FPS. According to other people's benches it should run around 180FPS unlimited (I have limited to 144FPS). It's pretty clear that the bottleneck is not a video card. On the other hand, the CPU does not strain too much either. I disabled swapping to disable disk access effect due to virtual memory, with no significant impact. I ran out of options. I was thinking of reinstalling windows.
  4. Gets around 90-110fps on a pretty strong stap. CPU utilization around 60% -70%. I played around a bit with the game's settings file (amount of workers and VRAM percentage), as recommended in some forums, with no significant improvement. In 3DMark and Battlefield V the performance is good, so the problem seems to be specific to this game. Anyone have an idea what could be the source of the problem? Step: RTX 3080 i7-5960x @ 4.3GHz 32GB PC-2133 (8GB x 4 channels) X99-UD4
  5. I switched switches temporarily, and I also switched ports in the switch between rooms since they manage to sync on 1G to those that do not. This has a lot of problems in the switch, or in specific ports in the switch.
  6. I do not have a network tester, but in the most problematic room I changed terminals several times, on both sides, and made sure it was not a problem with the switch / computer. The synchronization problem is not permanent, so I understand it is not a permanent tendon disconnect. If this is not the cable, the terminals may not be of sufficient quality for some reason. I might try another type of terminations before replacing cable. Anyway thanks for the help.
  7. Current cable with isolation (F / UTP). Metal fasteners. Proper connection order, and tendons are well connected. Some people have experienced problems with the Cat6 cable as well so I am prone to Cat7 - there may be more electromagnetic interference than usual in some of the ducts in the house. Thanks for the tips.
  8. A few years ago I deployed communication points using BYC Communication's Cat5e cable. My network is at 1G speed (switches + internet), and there is no upgrade plan in the near future. The problem is that the connection speed is unstable, and sometimes synchronizes to 100M. There are more / less problematic rooms, but by and large the problem has worsened over the years. I changed friends several times in some rooms, to no avail. So I came to the conclusion that the source of the problem was probably the cable. (From a search it seems that I am not the only one) I am now debating between types of cables, where the competing parameters are connection reliability versus ease of threading. From a physical examination I did not feel a big difference in flexibility between Cat6a U / FTP and Cat7 F / FTP (both of Taldor), so I tend to go for the other one. The problem is that they are both much less flexible than the current cable, which was also not easy to thread at the time. I would appreciate the guidance from experienced people.
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