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    Monitors: ACER Predator 34 '' X34P 120Hz (OC) 4ms IPS G-SYNC
    CPU: AMD 5950X
    Motherboard: Arock Aqua X570 Limited Edition 812/999
    PSU: Antec 1300 Platinum
    GPU: 3090 FE + Bitspower waterblock
    Case: Lian-Li O11 Dynamic Black.
    Memory: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 64GB (4 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200
    Mouse: Logitech G502 wireless
    Headset: SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDac
    Keyboard: Logitech G915 wireless
    Custom water cooling: 2 * 360 rads, EK Lian-Li O11 Dynamic distribution plate, Corsair ML fans

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  1. I have a solution, buy the game and it will work beautifully.
  2. You're constantly messing with it and I've already asked in another thread you opened what does it matter? What is the difference between the two options? Is it something you see when you look at it?
  3. What does it give? How much is this difference in settings noticeable when looking at the screen?
  4. I did not understand how what is written in "briefly" and what is written in "big" get along with each other. If I call a function with 10, what should I get back? In a nutshell - 0 by a big 9 (each operation of the method decreases by 1)
  5. Where's the board review? All there is is a gigabyte advertisement. What exactly did you write a name that does not appear in the SPEC of the board? Where are the performance tests compared to a tablet with DDR5? Looks like a commissioned and sponsored article.
  6. The linked video explains this very well. You do not want air in the pump, so can not be the high point in the loop. As for the radiator when it is "standing", pipes are better down, so that air will accumulate at the top and there is less chance of it being transported in a loop.
  7. Yes. A bit strange to buy one of the best (and most expensive) boards with an intermediate processor.
  8. I broadly agree with you. But everything has to come in the context of financial capability. If buying such a piece of hardware once every three to four years when I buy a computer does not affect me financially in the long run and / or the short term, I see no reason not to afford it. There are much more expensive hobbies. Specifically this board was the only one at the time that came with built-in water cooling. If I had bought a block separately for another board, I would have approached that price anyway
  9. I totally accept, I'm not at all frugal as people here will testify. My current board is a limited edition that cost $ 1000 and I did not exactly spare the other components either.
  10. Besides talking about access time in memory, not about continuous transfer of information where DDR5 is about 50% faster
  11. You have 4GB DDR3 today, you do not look like the guy who deals with upgrades ...
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