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  1. You ask a question, but do not provide all the data. You'd expect us to guess if it's the same system, what models of drive it's, whether they used the same version of the testing software and a thousand other things. It's like putting two pictures of grooves on a car's tire, and asking why the car in the first picture does 0-100 in three seconds and the one in the bottom does it in 5 seconds.
  2. But it's clear ... after you built FAB in the billions and invested in R&D who knows how much money and other big expenses, the cost of a processor is some raw material and electricity in a big way (and other current expenses like the cost of workers, etc.). so yes. A processor costs pennies + a few billion dollars you invested before.
  3. Do not know how something everyone knows suddenly fascinates you ... it does not recreate anything.
  4. What characteristics are supposed to get everyone excited? 5NM? We have known for a long time. Graphic cores? Why would that make anyone excited? Something that has existed in processors (including those of AMD) for years. Improving Performance? Cool, but predictable and not really exciting.
  5. And in the meantime I've been enjoying the 3090 (bought on MSRP) for a few months now. Today at this price hardly buy 3080
  6. I'm still waiting for this zero moore's law is dead to admit he's a jerk and there was no "secret plan" nvidia to cause a shortage to raise prices and that Otto the market would be flooded with tickets.
  7. Although I was hesitant at first because of the price, as time goes on I am more and more satisfied with the purchase of the 3090.
  8. I want to bake a cake according to a recipe but I do not know what to buy at the supermarket. I would love answers
  9. Stability test? Play games, if your card does not collapse in everything you do on a daily basis, it is stable for you. Does it really matter if under some particular extreme condition that will never materialize with you is it collapsing?
  10. These tests just grind the card ... I do not understand why you would even want to test such things on them. Use game benches or 3dmark.
  11. There is a difference between the fact that the processor occasionally bounces a voltage to 1.4 and a constant 1.4. The temperatures will be really high.
  12. For games, PBO is definitely better. Turn it on, play with the CURVE (less voltage for the stronger cores) and if possible change the limit (if I am not mistaken up to 200MHz more)
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