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    Monitors: ACER Predator 34 '' X34P 120Hz (OC) 4ms IPS G-SYNC
    CPU: AMD 5950X
    Motherboard: Arock Aqua X570 Limited Edition 812/999
    PSU: Antec 1300 Platinum
    GPU # 1: 3090 FE
    Case: Lian-Li O11 Dynamic Black.
    Memory: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 64GB (4 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200
    Mouse: Logitech G502 wireless
    Headset: SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDac
    Keyboard: Logitech G915 wireless
    Custom water cooling: 2 * 360 rads, EK Lian-Li O11 Dynamic distribution plate, Corsair ML fans

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  1. It happened to all the tickets. There are online reports of almost all models being available at the time.
  2. No glitches and no shoes, there were driver matters. Arranged and all is well. Can be calm.
  3. This turned out to be not really true and drivers solved these problems.
  4. Worth it or not it you know. There is no big difference between the tickets ...
  5. What developers will do or not in the future does not really matter regarding the purchase of something now. Today, and in the near future, 10GB will suffice. And I'm willing to bet that what will suffocate is the card itself and not its memory. Sure if you run RT etc.
  6. The block has arrived. Unfortunately I will not be able to install it before Wednesday at the earliest ...
  7. You bring a video from two months ago. Before the release of the new version of msi afterburner that allows you to test utilized memory versus allocated memory. He even points out that there is not so much a way to test it other than specific games that have a built-in tool for it. You have here examples that people from the forum ran and show the actual memory consumption. Or do they also get money from nvidia?
  8. With DLSS (the most aggressive I can): it seems to affect the amount of memory
  9. He also wrote this post in other forums ... so I do not think for example:
  10. ZA that even with 77% more pixels than 4K you could not pass the 10GB ... shocking. In short, it turns out that (and I hope everyone is sitting down, because this is going to be a market piece) Nvidia knows better than NEC how much memory it needs.
  11. The game is CONTROL and the amount of memory you see here is also what WINDOWS 'TASK MANAGER shows so it's accurate.
  12. The previous image is in 3440 X1440 when everything is on max (including RT) without DLSS it is in 5K (other settings as before): then you get 8.5 GB in a resolution that also stifles the 3090 ... or in short, not something relevant to any card . If I download settings to something that makes the game smooth, the memory drops well below 8GB. The 8 has 3070GB, and is definitely not a video card that should hold everything at maximum with RT in 4K. The 3080 with its 10GB will have no memory issue (again, in these settings it just will not carry in terms of FPS so that it has enough memory does not really matter) and NEC, note that according to the old settings, it needs more than 10.5GB, but not in practice
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