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  1. If all I need is a large disk for storing a movie / series library, a large hard disk is a complete spin solution.
  2. I did not understand your reaction at all ... I would be happy if you would detail what happened to you and how it relates to this THREAD.
  3. I played with it a bit at first and got a little higher (with custom watercooling) but not by much. I came to the conclusion that for my use, it is best to let it do what it wants and speed up a small number of cores to the 5th zone.
  4. captaincaveman

    graphic cards

    In the case of custom water cooling also the height can be problematic. Sometimes the WATERBLOCK does not fit in the case. Different models of video cards have waterblocks in different dimensions. If there is a thought in that direction it is also something worth referring to.
  5. So switch to a provider that allows you to stay in this package.
  6. If you anyway mostly use your cellular package, then what can already happen? The internet you do not use will cause problems? And if so, talk to them (or another service provider) and upgrade / lower to what it takes to work. You should not be stressed at times because you hardly use this connection anyway ...
  7. There is an electric frame for the table that can be bought on Amazon (and in my opinion also in Israel). A few hundred dollars on Amazon. This is the framework used for a large part of the existing tables. You need to add a brace and attach with screws to the frame and you have a table. for example.
  8. Right. At the moment the vaccinated are probably more durable. The thing is that the amount of antibodies in vaccinated people decreases rapidly relative to recoverers and there is not enough information about the significance of this. Does this mean that below a certain threshold they are again at risk as unvaccinated?
  9. And suppose this is what you will need to do in order not to get sick that can be life threatening?
  10. It causes an increase in the number of antibodies in the blood. Sees no reason not to do (assuming there is no specific medical reason).
  11. And you say that based on your extensive knowledge of virology and the clinical trials you have done? Perhaps it is best to let those who understand the field say what is best.
  12. Wow. The corona got all the stupid trolls out of their dens ...
  13. You've heard it from idiots who don't understand their lives and try to spread Pike News in the context of the vaccine, and to sound credible spice up the nonsense they emit in scientific or pseudo-scientific terms. SHEDDING is the name of the phenomenon in which a person infected with a virus transmits it to others. This is the main way covid is distributed. In the context of corona vaccines, since none of them contain a live or attenuated version of the virus, there is no way that virus shedding can occur as a result of the vaccine. I want to believe that you are not one of those idiots I mentioned in the first sentence, and you did not write this question as a "sophisticated" way to spread garbage.
  14. This is a pretty old platform. The performance you were comparing to was of people with a similar setup or more modern processors and faster memories?
  15. What is fiber infrastructure on Bezeq infrastructure? Bezeq infrastructure targeting ordinary copper wires (telephone, ADSL)? Because if so then you wrote something wrong. In any case, Cellcom is deploying its own fiber, regardless of the fiber that Bezeq is deploying.
  16. You ask a question, but do not provide all the data. You'd expect us to guess if it's the same system, what models of drive it's, whether they used the same version of the testing software and a thousand other things. It's like putting two pictures of grooves on a car's tire, and asking why the car in the first picture does 0-100 in three seconds and the one in the bottom does it in 5 seconds.
  17. But it's clear ... after you built FAB in the billions and invested in R&D who knows how much money and other big expenses, the cost of a processor is some raw material and electricity in a big way (and other current expenses like the cost of workers, etc.). so yes. A processor costs pennies + a few billion dollars you invested before.
  18. Do not know how something everyone knows suddenly fascinates you ... it does not recreate anything.
  19. What characteristics are supposed to get everyone excited? 5NM? We have known for a long time. Graphic cores? Why would that make anyone excited? Something that has existed in processors (including those of AMD) for years. Improving Performance? Cool, but predictable and not really exciting.
  20. And in the meantime I've been enjoying the 3090 (bought on MSRP) for a few months now. Today at this price hardly buy 3080
  21. I'm still waiting for this zero moore's law is dead to admit he's a jerk and there was no "secret plan" nvidia to cause a shortage to raise prices and that Otto the market would be flooded with tickets.
  22. Although I was hesitant at first because of the price, as time goes on I am more and more satisfied with the purchase of the 3090.
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