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  1. ron-d

    Intel SSD 670p

    Hello everyone. Is Intel's new SSD 670p recommended? Can I install it on this Asus motherboard? B150M-PLUS Thanks in advance to Respondents E10941_B150M-PLUS_UM_web_only.pdf
  2. Thanks itzik429 I checked as you suggested - and the BIOS is indeed updated.
  3. Everything is eliminated - in terms of "sleep". I always turn it off after installing Windows.
  4. Hello everyone. I've been pretty long with the phenomenon I'll explain. I do not remember when it started. This is a standard desktop computer with an I5-6500 processor, a 16GB Kingston RAM, a Windows 10 operating system, a crucial mx500 SSD and an additional storage (standard mechanical of the Seagate Barcode). The computer is super fast for me and I am very happy with it. The phenomenon, when the computer is left unused when it is running, and the windows are open, after a period of a few minutes or a little longer (I find it difficult to measure), I touch the mouse to return to tasks or windows, all windows seem to pop up, as if paralyzed, some resize from maximum to minimum . Then all the windows should be arranged in the normal position. As if the computer was in "Paris" and he seems to be coming to life. So tired of working with the computer. Does anyone have an idea or do you know of such a glitch. Thank you very much for all the answers.
  5. Hello everyone. I bought a Teclast X4 tablet - win10 operating system - Intel N4100 processor - it has a 256GB SSD from the tablet manufacturer (teclast) - Teclast 256GB NS550-2242 with an M.2 SATA connection. In the second image I attached - these are the results of the Crucial MX7 running on my desktop computer - this is the image with the better results. The two ssd are in a SATA500 connection. The question is - is it worth replacing the tablet's ssd with another ssd like the Crucial MX6. That is, will the replacement cause a noticeable change in speed? Or will it be negligible? Thanks in advance for the answers.
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