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  1. Me and my wife want to assemble a computer from scratch that can run two operating systems simultaneously that work autonomously from each other. I would love to know how to do it and what kind of computer I will have to buy. In my understanding I need to run Linux and have two vm systems and set them to each resource but if there is a neat guide to all the settings I would love to link. And thanks for the help
  2. Can you explain, how to take advantage of this?
  3. No one has any idea? There's nothing on the internet about it either ... It's quite upsetting
  4. Is there a situation that lists everything you have on your computer (chassis, cooling, screen, etc.) and also lists what you did to reach this overclock? Regardless, I was dying to see his results at Cinebench
  5. I'm thinking of buying this chassis but I can't figure out how to control RGB if I was happy to help with the issue
  6. I have no problem creating such a server I just need the explanation of how to set up one. It'll just save me between 20-50 minutes on a computer (depending on the drive) so I'm worth the effort to learn what you understand. In addition, if there is an option to create a "live cd" that does this, this is a preferable option.
  7. It's not exactly a problem it's more of a technical issue, I want the new drivers not to keep the system, for example I have 3 computers on the bench, I need to format to test with the problem in Windows or hardware, I don't want to sit down and install Windows 3 times, the goal is Have a Windows that resets itself to a clean state every time I "replay" the question of how to do it in practice to avoid installing 3 times Windows (Windows automatically installs drivers at first run)
  8. I work in a computer shop and sometimes I get computers that have a problem with a driver, and I want to run a windows / usb / ssd but every time I run it it will go back to clean install mode (for Japanese drivers etc) Is there such an option? So how do you create something like that?
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