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  1. Shiomi note 10. I bought this week. The back button is in the wrong place. Should be on the right side in my opinion (so was the previous Shiomi a2 I had), it points to the right so it makes sense to have the right of the screen no? Is there anything to do?
  2. This game does not impress me visually, why is it the benchmark? Everything in 200 kmh too and you can not catch anything in the eye it looks like an unreal tournament from the 2000s. Where are the days of Doom 3
  3. I saw the model for sale in Israel at NIS 600 (One S 1TB All-Digital Edition) but when I talked to the seller he told me it is a model that is having problems because it is "in the Asian version" I guess it is a NTSC model and not a PAL. Is there really a problem with that or is he trying to push me a more expensive model?
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