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  1. The ground disk is Toshiba's. I bought my computer (cannon) less than a year ago. After less than a month the hard disk dies. Warranty of course on the drive but not on the material. I wanted to die, but there was no way to drive another, so I have the same one, which of course I do not believe in at all. The question of whether it is possible to replace the entire drive now can solve it ...
  2. This happens in a variety of folders. It is possible to format a particular hard disk partition (and not the entire hard disk) - and does this have a chance to solve the problem?
  3. ...did not work. I was optimistic, but for PowerPoint it did not change.
  4. ...Yes. The test came out normal. This is an issue that appears in many folders on this drive, not just a specific folder. thanks anyway...
  5. Yes. That's what I'm doing right now. Saves each file on the top desk, and at the end of the job copies them to the relevant folder - moves and saves without a problem. Opens from there with no problem. I really do not like to keep the desk top - I do not know if it is true or not but my feeling is always that it will hurt the speed of work. It is also not suitable for OCD like me who needs everything to be in order. I did the test through the CMD and everything seems to be fine. Wrote at the end: Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems. No further action is required. Going to do a test now through the manufacturer. The drive I keep is a partition of the main drive. it matters?
  6. It does not force me to save in a temporary folder without my will, it makes a mistake when I want to save in the folder where I want to save (the original folder where the file is located) and then I have to choose another place to save it. I enclose two screenshots of the save from the two programs (PowerPoint and Max) - the numbers next show in the order of the additional windows that come up after I click OK. I also added what the folder looks like - which might interfere with keeping it. In the initial test I did - as written above - there is no problem with the drive.
  7. What is the best way to test the drive, and what should I look for or notice in the test?
  8. Hi, I have a problem with two programs - one - PowerPoint and the other Max. I work on the files and then when I want to save or save as save as, he writes that there is a problem writing the file to a folder and can not be saved. The folder is on the non-operating hard disk. When I save the desktop instead - it is saved without any problem. It seems that in the folders I am trying to save, it creates either a temporary file (ppt) or a backup file (max) in the folder itself. This is not something that happens when you maintain your desktop. What could be the problem, and how to solve it? It drives me crazy!! Thanks
  9. Is it sitting on the motherboard? Do I also need a suitable cable?
  10. Ok. It's not like memory - I do not need the same size, can even a tera or two, right?
  11. I have a motherboard: Asus Model AM4 A-B550M PRIME Hard Disk 1: XPG SSD drive Model C-512GT-ASX8200PNP 2.M 512GB 3500MB Series PRO SX8200 XPG NVMe Disk 2: Toshiba Internal Hard Disk Model 3TB P300 0GBPS.6 "5.3 SATA 64MB 7
  12. great. Thanks! Is one disk (or company) more recommended than others?
  13. I want to purchase a Tara or two SSD (important to have an SSD) to use as a work disk where the computer saves cache files. Is there a difference whether it is an external or internal disk? Is there a preference for one of them over the other? I prefer external but mostly lazy ... thanks !!
  14. I made a small change. In the meantime it looks fine but I have not yet checked in extreme situations - I put an extension of a usb cable from the computer to exercise close to the mouse and typing - as far as possible what wifi, and there I put this dongle (or as it is called). Hope this is what will make the difference. Thank you very much for your help.
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