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  1. What language is it? By and large you run a function that determines the second array (table) once a value in the first array (table) is selected. But this is the idea - the execution depends on each language on its own
  2. I bought from TMS and was satisfied but it was five years ago - I have no idea what's going on today and according to the prices in their store I recommend less (compared to half a year ago I always recommended them)
  3. The hardware (CPU & GPU) today is even very expensive and there is no expectation close to decline (I think due to lack of silicon). But if you do not have the ability to wait then buy
  4. It's hard for me to recommend a 27 FHD screen. Either go down to 24 or invest more to buy 1440P
  5. There is no truth here, there is economic success at the cost of damaging the good name of the company that until a month ago was considered the best company for gamers and now it is already (in public opinion) half way towards fallout 76. Even if they fix the bugs - there are many structural things in the game. It can be fixed in my opinion (i.e. very difficult and not economical now) and there is public opinion that has already been severely damaged. This first impression is the most important
  6. The main reason is the fear of public opinion after they have been rejected twice and the criticism that they are pushing the developers to work overtime after they promised it would not happen. Of course this is my opinion ...
  7. I believe they tried to be popular and did not focus on what they are good at - the plot. They tried to be everything - RPG, GTA style, stealth game, looter & shooter and more ... and failed. I enjoyed the plot and did not experience too many serious bugs other than what I wrote in the previous comment. It's really weird to me that it took them 7 years to develop a game like this. Could be after we got so much hype so they wanted to go towards a new audience that loves looter & shooter and the style of GTA and tried to change the game which broke a lot of things. As a developer (not of games), I know the phenomenon that you develop an app that works great and then the manager comes and demands to add another feature - he thinks it's something small but in practice it affects a lot of things and can break a lot of logic) no doubt they screwed up big - But I still think it's a great game. Something negative I want to add - the world is pretty dead. I played Kingdom Come Deliverance very recently and the world there responds much better to you and NPCs have a life of their own. Compared to CP who really does not even try to go in that direction.
  8. In my opinion one of the best games to come out recently. His big downside is the hype he had before his departure. As one who played Witcher 1 + 2 before the company became famous I can say that their games were always with bugs and what made the games good was the plot and the characters. I just finished the game yesterday and it was really fun. The shooting is really good in my opinion - also the variety of weapons and the ability to improve them. Also building the character to what style you want to progress (I built a ninja hacker - a pretty weak character but the gameplay was really fun and requires a lot of thinking and strategy). The plot is really good for both the main story and most of the side missions. It could have been better but still ... - there were bugs that hurt the experience and there was also one bug that prevented me from finishing a side task (really sucks - especially that I burned 40 minutes to realize that it was not me who did something problematic but the game). - I did expect more in terms of the NPC's AI in the city. - As one who built a character with high cool and I was expecting a splinter cell experience, the AI ​​is really bad at identifying your sneak - if you are seen for a second and then disappear, they do not come to check what they saw but continue as usual. - There are full of weapons and items that break the game - but there is in most RPGs. The game gets me 7.5 / 10 which is much less than Witch 3 but a great game
  9. A small note: I would work for 2 sticks of memory to make better use of it. - Same price. XPG 16G (2X8G) DDR4 3000Mhz CL16 GAMMIX D10 BLACK There are 4 slots on the motherboard - so if you want to expand you can always add 2 more
  10. I'm still disappointed with their previous launch. Until there are third party benchmark results I do not believe their word. Seemingly it seems as if they are back to their heyday that they are competing head to head and even leading a bit in the high end market as well. Hopefully they will give competition in the intermediate market as well and maybe the prices will drop a bit (at least in Israel)
  11. They will probably release a version to compete with AMD, with an expanded ram and maybe even an improved bus to make the most of the card. (It seems to me less likely to affect gaming but rendering software that requires a lot of VRAM and utilizes as wide a bus as possible, but all speculation) As for performance as @Moon-Mage said there is not much room for improvement without hurting the 3090 which is still very small.
  12. What about this screen It can be obtained for 1300 NIS in RSM if you are already over you can buy through the high-tech zone (if you know someone with Club Member (edit) All screens (both the ones in my post and the two GIGABYTE screens offered) are with 144Hz which is much better for gaming than the two screens the post raised. I myself am also looking for something in this area and not knowledgeable enough - I would love for forum members to experience their opinions on screens and their price.
  13. For some reason he does not let me edit. If so do you have a screen to recommend up to 1500?
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