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  1. 1. Yes. For example this. 2. Check the current and voltage supplied by the current charger. If you find a smaller one that meets the requirements there is no reason it will not work.
  2. GreenGlob

    Identify two songs

    Samsung U340 Alarm Clock. I have no clue. Try WatZatSong.
  3. GreenGlob

    Identify two songs

    Muse's Starlight and Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
  4. The default laptop may have multimedia shortcuts and to do what you are trying to do you need to press Fn + F5.
  5. I do not remember a case that can be locked except for ready-made computers such as OptiPlex. I do know screws that can only be opened with a wrench, maybe he can fit.
  6. Modern card connection is the same - PCI Express, so the new card will fit your motherboard. Just note that you connect them to PCIE_1 and PCIE_2 slots for full bandwidth. When you look from above, these are the first and third slots.
  7. It is an EA game and therefore related to the Origin platform. Inside Origin you will enter My Games Library and download the game.
  8. Right-click on the taskbar -> Under Taskbar Buttons you will change to Combine when taskbar is full or Never combine.
  9. This size might be Redmi 7A or Galaxy A40.
  10. Restore file ownership - downloadable from
  11. Like a previous store runs its branch and only then does it name a "we moved" sign. You need to first have the folder in place for your choice on the computer and then, where the software expects to find this folder, you leave symbolic link.
  12. Which version is this? Because I can definitely change the locations of the exported temporary files and video:
  13. In my experience, the Windows can stay out of power for almost a year. The updates come as usual.
  14. This is a standard sized HDMI jack and so you need a male HDMI cable to DVI male.
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