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  1. How does this compare to the direct competitor - Ryzen 4800U? And what is the performance difference compared to the slightly cheaper version of the i5 gen 11? And on which laptop was the test performed? In the world of laptops the cooling solution sometimes affects performance no less than CPU identity
  2. Hi, I have a built-in sound card on the motherboard asus prime z270-a that is connected to an old Danon Receiver in 5.1 via an optical spdif connection. The sound card drivers are blocked for surround sound in games and such because of such and other copyrights, but this restriction can be overcome with the help of various modes (I've already done this and worked in the past). I recently made a grid for my computer (like a format only without deleting the files), and of course had to reinstall the drivers with the mod. I installed one mod (probably an older version) and had sound from the three front speakers and one of the rear speakers properly. This morning I installed a new mod and the problem is that now I hear chin sound, front left, two back but front right sounds really weak (if any). I tried to play with the cables, but I can't make it sound louder ... Anyone come across such a thing? Or he has an idea of ​​what to try?
  3. Why would anyone pay $ 1500 for a device with components of a device that costs $ 300 does not understand this section ... If you want to sell to the rich - invest in the components, if you want to sell to the middle, do not sell at a price for the rich. As it is at the moment it does not suit anyone
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