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  1. Hello everyone, I currently have antec hcg gold 750w, I am considering switching to providing antec signature platinum 1000w. I am satisfied with the arrangement of the cables I have at the moment and prefer not to mess with it if possible .. Should there be a problem disconnecting the cables from the supplier without disconnecting them from the components and connecting them directly to the new supplier? Or should there be a difference between the cables / construction form / rails or something between the suppliers?
  2. And how did you do that? A bot that updates when inventory returns? You go to the site every few minutes? Or just luck? Seriously asking ...
  3. Hello, I ordered oculus quest 2 from Amazon, how can I be rescued if I can connect its charger only with a universal adapter or a power converter is also needed so that it does not burn?
  4. I will check the opportunity. If I am afraid to mess with these fractures and stay with the existing pads..there is cause for concern if unplanned oc or mining is planned? What can happen in normal uses?
  5. I have to worry about my 3080 aorus extreme? Because according to the afterburner it does not pass the 68 while playing (without oc). Replacing such things eliminates the responsibility I not better to just exercise it if necessary?
  6. For general information, how do you know that you need to replace thermal pads? Only because the degrees are high? In premium models, the pads are of sufficient quality in advance, no?
  7. Not at the moment at all..but some more free performances have never harmed anyone ... we really hope that in the future we will update the bios .. thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks for the update. By and large after reading a bit I realized I had to turn off an option called csm for the rebar to work. After I did that it really worked..but all the games crashed for me right away / during the first loading basket. Just canceling the rebar in Bios helped ... so right now I'm without it ... but with the latest bios ...
  9. This is technically possible..and the motherboard companies have released an official BIOS that supports it. In general, is there a reason that if such a process fails once it will succeed another time? Or is it like in oc and there is a "silicone lottery" that if you fall for it on a good board then it will work and in another board of the same model it will not work no matter what? If not, what can cause such a process to fail?
  10. Thanks so much for the comments. @Moon-Mage, I do not understand this enough- is there a reason that if it did not work the first time it will work the second time if you do the exact same thing? Again, what failed was not updating the BIOS itself but changing the settings bro ..
  11. I reset it with a screwdriver ... Is it interesting to try it again and reset again if necessary? Or is it dangerous / did not work once = will not work later?
  12. Hello everyone, I have an i7 9700k processor, z390 aorus pro board and rtx 3080 aorus extreme. Bios updates have been released that allow the activation of a resizable bar, I downloaded them and installed according to the instructions..everything went smoothly..but I saw that the option is still not active in the nvidia control panel. I realized that I need to enable the above 4g decoding and enable resizable bar options in the BIOS options. I did it and restarted..but since the computer does not boot (I have such a component that beeps every time there is a boot, and now its beep is different..this beep of error. I tried to disconnect the power cord and reconnect after a while..nothing helps. I would be happy For urgent advice ..
  13. These are not processors that are mainly aimed at gamers? What is the idea to release this product then?
  14. So I did not understand what the idea is if these are the numbers ... are they building on the fact that the miners are dumb or just want better PR than those who do not understand anything about mining (like me for example)?
  15. יש בזה חדשות טובות אמיתיות לעתיד?בעוד מקום ראיתי שאנווידיה טוענים שלא מדובר רק בדרייברים,אלה במשהו חומרתי שיועתק גם לכרטיסים עתידיים.. או שיקח למיינרים כמה דקות וימצאו דרך לעקוף את זה?
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