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  1. There is no particular company and there is no specific series that you can sign. I had better and less good THINKPADs (in all of them I have had problems in recent years with heat dissipation, fans, etc.) A good computer should survive 3-5 years when carried with you everywhere. Few computers will stand up to it. The build quality of the MAC is insane, but personally the operating system is not comfortable for me. Or not familiar enough. I'm today with Lenovo's P1 GEN2, and it's amazing, one of their best, but to say about it that it's strong - I'll only know in about two years.
  2. The truth - I do not understand the logic - there is a market of people who are willing to pay 3 times as much for the tickets, produce the maximum and sell 3 times as much as it seems to me that economically this is the right move. Knocking off a card's ability to push part of the market aside is a dumb approach. A smarter approach - was to build more production lines throughout the production chain. There will always be a demand for tickets and chips and the mining market does not seem to be going away so quickly.
  3. To the best of my knowledge this is not possible, you determine where it goes in the settings, and where it goes. Different applications can output SOUND to different means, but one application does not know by default to exit through two devices simultaneously.
  4. I have FORTIWIFI, I want to increase its range by a few meters (another "room" in the hallway) Can connecting external antennas instead of local can help? Is there any other equipment that can provide a solution to the problem?
  5. The interest of NVIDIA is not so clear to me. Do you have a product that is in high demand? Increase the pace of production and make more money. By what economic logic is it better to "knock" the product, in order to reduce demand? Will you price the ticket for X $? Well, instead of selling 50000X you will sell 100000X, do not meet the production targets? This is good news, not bad.
  6. Ivory's service, at least in recent years, has become excellent. They also always give all the boxes of all the components they assemble on the computer with all the paperwork, I have never heard of a loss of warranty in connecting additional accessories to the system.
  7. Friends - those who buy a computer + assembly - can come to the store with complaints. Anyone who buys parts and tries to assemble on their own and it "does not work" - should perform the surgery himself, or at least bother himself to get to the lab and get help from the staff. I have nothing to do with TMS, but I bought my last desktop computer from them. I bought a complex computer, and they asked him for permission to send it with a video card disassembled for shipping reasons. When the computer arrived - it did not work - and a 5 minute phone call solved all my problems. When I buy parts - the supplier should not know what I have, what I do not have and what my knowledge is in assembling them. If you are missing a part - and it is not part of the kit you bought - you need to know this ..... nail polish
  8. I had a very problematic experience with Sonny Communications (the official importer of Samsung) I would be happy if people who had the same thing happen, contacted me - in order to file a lawsuit. I think my event is not "accidental" and is part of a method - but to prove it I need to find more people for whom it happened. I handed over a repair device as part of the importer's warranty (second year) - the fault was detected by - a battery temperature sensor reported minus 20 degrees. Familiar fault - I found a lot of people online that it happened to them. The technician got the device, checked it externally, wrote down that there were scratches and abrasions and told me it would take 10 days. After a week I checked what was going on - he said they were waiting to share and as soon as he arrived they would fix and
  9. There are brightness settings by work mode - there is brightness for media and full screen display and brightness for normal work - look in the settings
  10. A device that is one year and two months old (it seems to me that this is the last time I buy a Samsung) - stopped charging - from a test - it turns out that the sensor of the temperature of the battery reports a temperature of minus 20 degrees. Anyone know how to disable this? Guess Samsung won't take responsibility for the glitch (because a year has passed) - even though a brief internet search - it turns out to be a known pack of this phone. I just was not aware until now. https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Note10/Galaxy-note-10-low-Battery-temp/td-p/949051/page/22
  11. Do not transfer from computer to computer. I use one SSD for the operating system - and there a separate partition for data, and another SSD for more data + an internal HDD for movies and MP3s. If you need information from more than one computer - DROPBOX and the like - your best friends.
  12. Looking for quality entertainment with an emphasis on sound, but also normal BT connectivity, a good battery, etc. - which is also suitable for connecting musical instruments, with wireless speakers. 12 "in terms of size. Any recommendations?
  13. What will provide a solution for mobile workstations? Will there be another generation of high performance processors?
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