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  1. I could not understand the difference between the corsair 4000D and 4000 X, both have lighting, besides the X has another fan which is always good. I did not find the 5000 in the networks. The NX800 is very beautiful to me, the DF700 a little less. It's an advantage for me to have over 3 USB ports (keyboard / remote / headphones). But corsair is not ostensibly considered a better company? My current video card has a built-in 240-inch water cooler so in each case you can put it up and leave the case fans in the front and back. The processor has a high air cooling of noctua (14 or 15 something, not closed on exact size) I do not think this will be a problem. Right now my motherboard is ATX and the truth is that since there is no more SLI there may be no point in EATX anymore. I do not have enough understanding to choose from all the options, I would love to understand the benefits of each model. This is an advantage for me a case that does not close me any future option.
  2. Hello, I currently have a NZXT phantom full tower case that is over ten years old that is starting to wear out, I guess it can be held for a few more years but maybe this is a chance to replace. What I love about the case is that it is large and comfortable in a way that has never limited me in terms of components and coolers. I also liked that it is smooth and elegant, although I would have preferred the next case to be even more rectangular. I would really love recommendations for a recommended case. The replacement of my case, but it is a bit expensive.I saw that they recommend the Fractal Design Meshify 500 but it is not common and also a bit expensive level below I saw the Asus GT600, I did not see a sweeping recommendation about it What do you recommend?
  3. I did not understand what change MoonMage refers to, is it possible to explain to those who have difficulty? How does this change the recommendation for game processors?
  4. I agree with YoavKe. Does anyone have another thought why not replace the 3770 with the 6600K?
  5. No one has an opinion will there be a loss of performance here because of I5 has only 4 physical cores and I7 also has 4 logical cores?
  6. Hello, my secondary computer at home has an I7-3770 processor with a Gigabyte Z77XUD3H motherboard and 8GB of 1600Mhz DDR3 memory. Following the upgrade of the main computer, I have the option to replace the components for an I5-6600K processor with a Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 3 motherboard and 16GB of 2133Mhz DDR4 memory. In movies and especially heavy movies it is a bit faltering in the future the computer will also perform gaming, currently with 1030 graphics card and later 1080Ti it is clear that the I5 and the parts that come with it are newer (there is a difference of three generations here) my question is whether there will be a loss of performance Physical and I5 also has 4 logical cores?
  7. I would love a slightly more detailed answer 1. So for Intel processors the only difference is that one comes in a cardboard box and the other in a plastic bag? I do not find enough comparative benches between the 2 and 10700X for gaming in 3800K. Obviously in 4p gaming there is a 1080-5% difference in favor of Intel which is a lot, but it is irrelevant to my uses. Because if in gaming the result is the same and in other uses AMD takes, then that's my answer. what do you say?
  8. I now understand why you asked about the screen, I only use 4K resolution. 1. What is the problem with buying an Intel processor without K? I did not understand what a memory lock is. I do not do OC and it's a shame to throw money at a feature I will not use. Speaking of which I would love to understand what is the difference between BOX and TRAY when both come without cooling and with the same warranty? 2. If you buy an AMD processor like the 3X, does it make sense to buy a cooler? Mention that there will be no OC but yes it is important to me that it be quiet. (You can buy a TRAY version that costs NIS 3800 less and buy a Noctua fan for NIS 100)
  9. This power supply antec Platinum 1000W, why does it matter? I did not look at the I5 series because in the past I was burned with the I5-6600 compared to the I7-6700, but I understand that in the tenth generation the differences between the series have been greatly reduced. You can consider the 10600 which is sold for 850 NIS. I have no point in paying more for K, I never do OC, there is also no point in buying a BOX when there is no fan in it either.
  10. The video card is currently 1080TI and will be replaced with the 30XX Series flagship card when it comes out. How does the screen affect? Anyway it's LG OLED C9. NVME is a great idea and I do have one, but the large files are stored on the western digital black 6TB. By the way, fast storage is a point in favor of AMD, no? With PCIexp4 then which option is better? Please specify in addition, please go over the specific components and give a review or support.
  11. The main use is gaming secondary use is watching high quality movies through MPC-HC with MADVR it is important to me that when I open 60GB files it will not take hours like today (I5-6600) and also that I can perform several operations simultaneously without the computer starting to jerk. In addition I would like to improve the speed of copying / installing files.
  12. Thanks for the tip regarding TMS, I will most likely stay at Ivory because I also need to purchase a cell phone and rumor has it that there are long queues so I do not feel like splitting the purchase. It is interesting that when you buy a 3800X in TMS you do get a code for the game, but the processor costs about 80 NIS more. Does anyone have a more specific opinion about the components I chose and which of the options is better?
  13. Hello, I am consulting about upgrading a processor and motherboard (everything else does not change) The purchase will be made at the end of the month at the Ivory branch in Eilat (I do not die for Ivory but I want to have the opportunity to order and collect in Eilat and Ivory also respect holiday gift certificates which is nice) Three options: 1. Do not buy anything, if you update me that a new generation is coming soon that is significantly improved. Buy Intel: I2 -7 at a cost of about 10700 NIS https://eilat.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=1300 Motherboard Gigabyte Z33230 Gaming X at a cost of 490 NIS https: //eilat.ivory .co.il / catalog.php? id = 750 or Asus Rog Strix Z32980-H Gaming motherboard at a cost of 490 NIS https://eilat.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=1000 (I tend to take The Asus because it comes with a gift game Dying light 33145 that I will buy anyway for about 2 $) fan for Noctua NH-U50S processor for about 14 NIS - I do not understand anything about the fans, not designed OC, just important to be quiet https: //eilat.ivory .co.il / catalog.php? id = 200 Total 10554 NIS 2500.Buy AMD: 3X processor - even at 3800 NIS I did not mind buying 1300X but it is not in stock and it is exactly the same price for 3700 https: //eilat.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=10700 Asus TUF GAMING X30652-PLUS motherboard at a cost of 570 NIS https://eilat.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=900 No Know is it necessary to add cooling to the processor, I understand that AMD come with cooling but is it quiet? Total 30609 NIS or 2200 NIS with cooling Annoying note: AMD processors are supposed to come with a gift game Assassin's Creed Valhalla but I do not see it valid in Ivory, why? Https://www.plonter.co.il/landing/ ACV.tmpl? Cart = 2400 The difference of these 1597398282802045497-100 NIS does not mean much to me because the processor will stay with me for at least 300-3 years What should I buy?
  14. Today I read that it does not come out 3700XT, comes out only 3800XT, so what is the recommendation to buy for uses I wrote in the original post?
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