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  1. Much more interesting - the version of the Note that includes a flat screen, headphone jack and a 30% lower price. Let's hope it is here as well.
  2. And of course I'm referring to Samsung's Note 10 Lite and not to Shumi's model with the same name.
  3. For less money you can buy the Note 10 Lite and get a more useful and attractive device. The processor is less powerful, but it is something that in almost no situation will make a noticeable difference in the use of the phone.
  4. The virus does not survive on cardboard for more than a day or two. If you are concerned that the courier has sneezed or coughed up the parcel just before handing it over, leave it aside for a while. Alternatively, open it carefully, remove the contents without touching it (for example, by flipping the cardboard towards the floor), and then throwing the cardboard. Don't forget to wash your hands with soap immediately and without touching it.
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