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  1. Hello..I went through countless posts on the subject without a solution I with Windows 10 (I already tried to update today) did not help I have a mini computer from INTEL that is connected to a TV with HDMI The speakers connect to a computer headset, everything worked well I had the option of hearing from the TV and hearing from the speakers And suddenly the problem pops up .. I hear from the TV but not from the speakers in "Playback" there is only my TV and also I make the display devices available and disconnected I have no more option which means I have no option to change it to a headphone device..it is played from HDMI I also tried to update Drivers..no change when I compute the speakers to another computer it does work what can be done? Thanks
  2. Okay, so I understand that the only option is to buy a new computer? Will this Intel computer work at 60 Hz on an HDMI connection?
  3. DESKTOP-BBLNK36 Is this eglobal computer name intel 620 video card Is there any way to connect to USB3 on a PC adapter to DP and from there HDMI to TV?
  4. A small computer I bought two years ago from Amazon How can I tell if I have HDMI 1 or 2 output?
  5. I do have a 4k screen. I don't understand then what does this actually mean? Am I stuck with 30HZ? How does that make sense? I bought a new HDMI cable today and still can't change over 30 supporting telephony at 120
  6. I can't change over 30 HZ just below and this screen should be 120 HZ how can it be?
  7. Hello everyone, I bought a new Samsung Q60R 55 inch TV that the older 40 inch Samsung suit I connected it to a mini PC and the past moved in little bugs and not smooth and the whole computer seemed a little slower. Please note that in the previous TV the traffic was smooth I updated a video card driver, I set the TV to be a computer and I'm almost sure I have HDMI 2 what can be done ??
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