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  1. I also tried in EDGE starting to falter after a few minutes mostly having several tabs together open have ideas maybe changing the definition of the video card?
  2. Hello friends, I use a Lenovo C940 4K laptop with an IRIS INTEL graphics accelerator. I work with Firefox and run videos usually two at a time, and after a while the videos start to stutter and slow down and slow down the computer! Is the problem with Firefox or the graphics card or both?
  3. Appears in voice recorder setting. I did not see the possibility of built-in call recording.
  4. I bought the Mi 10 Lite, it is possible to get around 1400 NIS (and less than 1200 in Banggad). I prefer it on a lighter Note 10 with a Qualcomm 765. It has been two months and is very satisfied.
  5. I record from the zoom itself. In addition to participating in the zoom and sharing a presentation (not me recording) after a few minutes I was told that the quality had deteriorated and the sound became unclear and there were also video blasts. And that I replaced a computer everything was fine regarding the answer of AG3 tester
  6. Hello on the Lenovo Yoga 14 "laptop which is almost new model C940 and I have a strange problem using the zoom app when I record the call while broadcasting, after a few minutes the picture gets stuck and sometimes the audio also distorts and I have to stop. At the same time in Partner's WIFI 5G (500M) and the reception quality is very good, and it re me several times and in different places. The glitch? NB on the Lenovo website I saw that my drivers are up to date
  7. Hello, I want to buy a business computer that will probably be used for Internet Office etc. from the premium series of Lenovo or Dell or HP (where the service is better) The computer should preferably have a 15 "or 14" minimum weight (up to 1.6 kg) and a screen with a better resolution than 1920X1080 and if possible also 2-1 I would love recommendations please, when also from Amazon no problem as long as there is an international warranty
  8. Why do you also have an English israel language?
  9. Excellent, I see that there are quite a few options to calibrate and improve the "experience" of the different languages. I will try some options and see what is best for me Thank you very much friends
  10. Hello and Happy New Year, I'm working on Windows 10 (in English) but crazy because I always write the language is the opposite of what I wanted. That is, if he wants Hebrew, it comes out in English and vice versa, and it always turns out that I write everything twice, whether in the browser or in Word, etc. The problem has been around for so many years and I can not find a convenient solution a. Is it possible to define once who will be the leading language in each software and this is every time I open I will know in advance what the language is. B. Is it possible to arrange that instead of ALT SHIFT I set one (hot) key that will quickly change the language? I would love insights
  11. Hello Question to the experts My parents' computer at home is unbearably slow from its rise to the launch of any app they just use it mainly for simple online tasks. I downloaded the following parameters from the specification: · G-MA785GM-US2H AMD socket 3 · AMD Athlon (tm) II X3 425 Processor · DDR2 4G · NVIDIA Geforce GT 430 · WDC WD3200AAKS-00L9A0 The computer runs on Windows 7 64 (PS Writer To them that it is illegal) what could be the reason in your opinion? Where is the bottleneck that will allow reasonable work I added a CPZU report Thanks to the assistants mom computer.docx
  12. Also joins the deliberation of bomba6 in the price range of up to 1300 so 27 "DELL 27" P2720D is the most lucrative (not for gamers) or are there better ones?
  13. What does nobody really know? Or is it the heat that gets everyone tired?
  14. Hello I have 3 laptops at home and 3 more laptops and other phones and Cellcom TV all in Windows 10 and / and Android plus one of the computers is connected to the printer as well (it also has a wireless connection) Plus my router is NETGEAR 1670 what is the easy and safe way to set up a network to share Which files and allow to print to the printer from any computer? Currently, computers are not recognized by each other as I click on thank you networks
  15. Thanks for what I did and updated the bios for the newest version F50
  16. So I preferred to reinstall 64 bit probably the better system anyway?
  17. Thanks to the MX500 purchased
  18. Hello I wanted to update my motherboard B450 GIGABYTE for some reason appears on the GIGABYTE site that the update is for WINDOWS 10 64BIT and I saw that 32BIT is installed for what purpose? I won't screw anything up in the panel in the feed.
  19. I prefer SATA because I saw that the motherboard on the memory sits a screen so a bit awkward and maybe warming up (at least that's what I thought)
  20. Hello, Looking for a 450G B500M motherboard with a XNUMXG size allow for product and store recommendations?
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