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  1. Peace

    On my computer from time to time I'm in Office documents the reporter starts to mix as if from a problem As an influencer 

    Sometimes I go through a page and come back it works and sometimes I just close and open again or close things in the background it works

    Attaches one image


    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six- Processor 3.40 GHz

    16G RAM

    64-bit operating system, x64-based processor


    Windows 10 Pro

    SSD 1G

    I think the computer is far from weak so what's the problem here?




  2. Happy New Year

    I have the following specification Who feels weak even for light games for children (Roblox, Minecraft, etc.):

    Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2PV -CF (GPU: HD 530 (Desktop Skylake

    CPU: Intel i3-6100

    Sandisk PLUS 240GB 240GB (OS)

    HDD2: ST31000333AS 1TB

    RAM: 1600 2x4GB

    Should you upgrade parts or go ahead and replace a processor and board as well?

    If so what to upgrade and why? Probably need a reasonable video card as well

    Ready to invest about 1200 NIS in total

  3. Hello on a laptop Yoga 14 "which is almost new model C940 and I have a strange problem

    Using the zoom app when I record the call while broadcasting, after a few minutes the image hangs and sometimes the audio also distorts and I have to stop. Even those who hear and see me say it gets stuck.

    I was using WIFI at the time Of Partner (500M) and the absorption quality is very good, and it has been read to me several times and in different places.  

    I tried to use this laptop instead on my older laptop T450 and I did not have this problem and other computers at the same time and it was fine 

    What do you think could be the problem?


    post Scriptum. On the site of I saw that my drivers are up to date



  4. Hello, I want to purchase a business computer that will probably be used for Internet Office etc from the premium series of Or Dell or HP (better service name)

    The computer should preferably have a 15 "or 14" minimum in low weight (up to 1.6 kg) and a screen with a better resolution than 1920X1080 and if possible also 2-1

    I would love recommendations please, as Amazon also has no problem as long as there is an international warranty

  5. Hello and happy new year,

    I'm working on Windows 10 (in English) but going crazy because always I write the language is the opposite of what I wanted. That is, if he wants Hebrew, it comes out in English and vice versa, and it always turns out that I write everything twice, whether in a browser or in Word, etc.

    The problem has been around for so many years and I can not find a convenient solution 🙄

    A. Is it possible to define once who will be the leading language in each software and this is every time I open I will know in advance what the language is.

    B. Is it possible to arrange that instead of ALT SHIFT I set one (hot) key that will quickly change the language?


    I would love insights


  6. Hello asked the experts

    My parents' computer at home is unbearably slow from its rise to the start of all All in all, they use it mainly for simple tasks on the Internet.

    I downloaded the following parameters from the specification:

    ·        G-MA785GM-US2H 3 socket

    ·        AMD Athlon (TM) II X3 425 Processor

    ·        DDR2 4G

    ·        NVIDIA GT 430

    ·        WDC WD3200AAKS-00L9A0

    The computer is running on Windows 7 64 (PS writes to them that it is illegal)

    What could be the reason in your opinion? Where is the bottleneck that will allow reasonable work

    I added a CPZU report

    Thanks for the helpers



    mom computer.docx

  7. Peace

    I have 3 laptops at home and 3 more computers And more phones and Cellcom TV  

    Everyone is in Windows 10 and / or Plus one of the computers has a printer attached as well (it also has a connection also)

    Plus my router is NETGEAR 1670

    What's the easy and safe way to set up Share files and print on any printer from a computer?


    Currently, computers are not recognized by each other as I click on networks


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