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  1. So I preferred to reinstall 64 bit probably the better system anyway?
  2. Thanks to the MX500 purchased
  3. Hello I wanted to update my motherboard B450 GIGABYTE for some reason appears on the GIGABYTE site that the update is for WINDOWS 10 64BIT and I saw that 32BIT is installed for what purpose? I won't screw anything up in the panel in the feed.
  4. I prefer SATA because I saw that the motherboard on the memory sits a screen so a bit awkward and maybe warming up (at least that's what I thought)
  5. Hello, Looking for a 450G B500M motherboard with a XNUMXG size allow for product and store recommendations?
  6. Is it true that even on the old computer it is defined as dynamic How is it transferred and identified?
  7. Hello Can my phone's screen display on the computer screen? I have Note 8 sleepers and the DELL 2209wa screen also have USB connections and I wanted to use the phone to see big Is it possible?
  8. Thanks I will try tomorrow because in the meantime I returned it to the old computer on the new computer I connected it to SATA 3 it detected it in bios and also in a disk management computer system but registered a foreign dynamic on it and you can not touch it also diskpart software detected it
  9. Hello I installed a new computer and wanted to transfer my media disk from the old computer to the new WD Blue Series 1T disk after I transferred it to a new computer (on both WIN10 PRO) it is only recognized as a dynamic disk that I return it to the old computer all the best How I manage to transfer it without losing Information? And without buying any special software
  10. Question to Experts Can I transfer an operating disk (Windows 10 system) from one computer to another with different specifications? Just replace and that's it and the system will update components automatically?
  11. Thanks again will be invited today
  12. Many thanks just make sure a. Suitable for M size motherboard? B. Will work with a 400W power supply? If so, I'll go for it
  13. Thanks for the answer. Does a writer also mean more noise?
  14. How is the above card recommended? Https:// If I am not happy with the recommendation, it will be mounted on a B450-M motherboard
  15. Many thanks for the tips I'll start with them and in the worst case I'll move to a Windows 7 operating system
  16. Hi I have the old Novo T450s and still good, but sometimes slow (office work and internet) attach details about which the SSD disk has been improved and I want to improve it further in: a. To increase his memory that will last a few more years, at the moment it appears to me that he has 12G the stick of the 8 I found but not the 4G (maybe soldered?) B. Improve the Wifi card I realized that you could also switch to a better one Is it possible?
  17. So encapsulate the issue of increasing Kingston memory - KCP316SS8-4 4GB 1600MHz SODIMM Single Rank - UPC Code 740617253702 - Kingston Server Premier Module - KCP316SS8 / 4 Best and big thing about other components (WiFi card and SSD) Anything recommended as well?
  18. I saw on Polonter but I have to buy 4G right, because I don't know if there is room for another 2G memory card Is there a cheap SSD for this laptop (even 256 enough)? Also, would I be happy to change if a wifi card can be replaced if it is not soldered?
  19. After a clean install of Windows 7 ULTIMATE I had a license on which the computer responds better clearly Is the link you named Ram in Plonter valid? I would also love to link in TMS or IVORY if there is another question what system antivirus is easy and free? Thanks
  20. Attaching photos from the computer including the old SSD to the new one so as mentioned I replaced the SSD with a newer one, but still the slowness (also trying on the Linux Ubuntu system at the same time) also the wifi is very slow compared to others in my house (this is what) Does adding memory really help or it What is ?
  21. Thanks I have an SSD of 256 I will try to install it too
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