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  1. Update for construction last year:

    I upgraded the screen to 1070, and to my sorrow the pipes that did not fit into the new block.

    * I've run out of Niels's soap so I just made the cable for the screen.
    (The next order will be for the new construction).

    * In the next construction I will use PETG pipe + quality pipe bending (instead of the gun and ruler).

    * LED in orange color ... ( Of NOTE3 ...)

    29051148475_469fda0f91_k.jpg7 by Amadey YN, on Flickr

    28430126984_7d0ae2d8b8_k.jpg8 by Amadey YN, on Flickr

    28430096594_38ef3e1d9d_k.jpg9_1 by Amadey YN, on Flickr

    28430107694_e2b7b19342_k.jpg10 by Amadey YN, on Flickr


  2. Link to Log -


    Hardware Spec:

    - I7 4770K
    - Gryphon Z97 + Armor Kit
    - Vengeance pro 32GB 1600MHZ
    - 980GTX SC

    - 840PRO 265GB
    - Barracuda 3TB
    - Seasonic P860 XP2 Custom Cables Alpha Wire 18 AWG + Black sleeve
    - Define S


    Water Cooling system

    - EK D5 Combo 250ml + Multi Top
    - EK XE360MM + EK PE240MM
    - EK-Supremacy EVO (Acetal + Nickel)
    - EK-FC980 GTX (Acetal + Nickel) + EK-FC980 GTX Backplate
    - Bitspower - Fittings \ Adapters \ Mini Valve \ Fill Port
    - EK-HD Tube 10 / 12mm
    - EK-Ekoolant EVO Clear
      * Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm x3
      * SP120 2200rpm x2
      * NF-A14 3000rpm pwm x2
    5050 orange SMD Flexible Strip led


  3. Hi,

    I'm posting a new building here - the log can be seen here

    : Specification

    Intel I7 4770K

    Asus Maximus Gene VI

    Vengeance PRO

    eVGA 670 GTX FTW SLI

    SSD PRO 840 256GB

    Seasinuc X-76

    Lian-Li -V354

    Water Cooling System

    CPU Block - EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ - Nicke

    GPU EK-FC680 GTX - Nickel

    EK-FC680 GTX Backplate

    .Swiftech Pump MPC35X PWR

    Bitspower DDC mini water tank

    XSPC EX120

    240 Black Ice Stealth

    Bitspower Fittings

    Corsair 120SP 2300RPM FAN X 3










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