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    16GB RAM DDR3 1600
    Table Gigabyte X79-UD3
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  1. Which will fit a board measuring 30.5x24.4. And there will be room for at least 8 hard disks 3.5, and another at least 2 of 2.5.
  2. Yes in Secondary it works, thanks!
  3. Calendar from 2000 Model 693AW-370 A Google search finds only an update to the BIOS.
  4. There are some in the store like KSP, say you need an external case for SSD 2.5 with a standard USB 3 connection.
  5. topcat115

    WINDOWS 10

    1. You download the tool, select 64 or 32 bit options or both, and choose whether to download an ISO file or create the installation media on a USB flash drive. 2. a. There will be almost no effect. B. OEM This means you can install Windows on only one computer. In Retail you can install on another computer if you replace a computer without buying a new Windows. third. If you have 8GB of RAM then it is better for you 64 because 32 only supports up to 4GB.
  6. How many degrees can an SSD reach?
  7. I have an old motherboard without SATA, there is only IDE, I connected an adapter from IDE to SATA, the BIOS detects the disk, and I get an error message "Primary master hard disk failure". I tried with hard disk and SSD, not working. However a DVD connection does work.
  8. You do not have to reinstall Windows, you are just copying what is hdd to ssd. This is called cloning, search on youtube "clone hdd to ssd". If you still want to reinstall, if you already have Windows 10 on the same computer, then install Windows 10 directly. Basically you can do that, install 7 and then upgrade to 10.
  9. Is it worth connecting to them? 500 download, 50 upload. How exactly do they connect their infrastructure indoors? And how exactly does it work? I heard that this router is only for Wifi.
  10. topcat115

    SSD cache

    Samsung 860 QVO Series MZ-76Q4T0BW 4TB SATA III SSD Samsung 860 EVO Series MZ-76E4T0BW 4TB SSD SATA III
  11. topcat115

    SSD cache

    Is there a noticeable difference between a Sata SSD with 1GB and 2GB of cache? If the SSD has Windows 10 installed.
  12. I want to buy an SSD drive and transfer Windows 10 to it, to the board if there is no M.2 connection, the question is which is better and which will work well without problems? SSD with M.2 and PCIe adapter? Or SSD with SATA connection? I ask that M.2 is much faster than SATA. Motherboard model: Gigabyte X79-UD3. BIOS version F11.
  13. Need to replace memory in the computer, the board supports DDR3 1333, would not be a problem if I put 1600 instead of 1333? Will there be no problems after that? And why is 1333 more expensive than 1600?
  14. The computer has valid Windows XP installed, if I upgrade to Windows 10 will it remain valid or will it ask for a new serial? How about upgrading from XP to 7 and 7 to 10?
  15. Install games and software on an old computer running Windows 98 without an Internet connection.
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