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  1. If I understand correctly, the files of this work are a bit different concept from cache. The second is a dedicated drive in favor of writing content during render time, which is usually the time you try to save as much as possible with strong specs. There are no files you save, just mark it in after effects settings as the cache destination.
  2. Indeed the specification that Napoleon published is up to date. I will only order from another store that is closer to me, so there was a change in video card for GeForce GTX1660 SUPER OC and P82 case. But everything else is fine. Note the request to install the operating system on the 1TB disk.
  3. I seem to have missed this part (that it eliminates SATA inputs). Thank you for the information. I did not find instructions in the directory ( Does that eliminate all 4 additional entries? If so, do you have a recommendation for an alternative sata?
  4. From what I saw an NVMe drive and a SATA drive for about the same price. Is there still a reason to prefer the latter?
  5. By and large for efficient working with after effects, the cache should be on a dedicated disk separate from the operating system. Which brings me to a situation where there should be at least 3 drives. There are also recommendations of putting the operating system on a different disk than the files, but this is already excessive. So I was a bit hesitant about their sizes and types. In the latest version the cache disk is set to 500 and another 1tb both mvne. The last thing left is a video card. The principle as long as it's Nvidia with 6gb is fine. I saw in another store a brand with a more favorable price, can not say whether the brand or version (super or regular) does make any difference. It does not have too much documentation.
  6. I still have some hesitations about the quantity and arrangement of drives. Here is the updated version Regarding the store, it seems to me you will just choose what is close to you. This is specific in Netanya as I understand it, so it depends on how far you are. Do you need the same things? There is a relatively focused need here.
  7. That seems to be what comes out. I will post here if there are any recent comments, and if not - for future references. Some highlights: - There are 3 storage racks. One for an operating system (1tb), the other for an after effect cache, and the last one is hard for archive files - I was a bit hesitant about a motherboard and whether the large mother will not impair performance and airflow. It seems to have 4 memory slots for future upgrades and following the recommendation here, I will go for it - I stayed with the original CPU fan, from what I understand if there is no programming for OC it's ok thanks to those who helped so far Product Category Quantity Price AMD Ryzen 7
  8. Excellent, is there a more or less recommended submodel of the motherboard? I have seen that there are very many options in varying price ranges. If not the model, then what should you look for when choosing a motherboard? A similar question regarding a video card, which also has a lot of 1660 sequence options in them
  9. The last time I used this great forum was about 10 years ago. The result was a computer that lasts to this day, but it's time to innovate. Thanks in advance to the assistants. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? Budget 5000, allows a deviation of about 10% 2. What is the use of the computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), there is a specific example of a game or software? Motion Design, then mainly After Effects, Illustrator 3. Is there a need for peripherals (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? No. 4. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? (For example, an SSD drive that already exists and can be attached for assembly) no
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