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  1. My current specifications: i7-7700K processor with overclocking to 4.8MHz GA-Z170X Gaming 5 motherboard Gigabyte RTX Vision 3070 2X8 3200MHz CL16 Current game resolution: 2560X1440 80Hz Original computer built in 2017. So some preliminary explanation: Somewhere in December 2020 with the release of the new RTX, I decided I wanted to upgrade my previous 980ti video card, which had already started to falter at 1440p in new games. I was debating between 3080 and 3070 in the context of a bottleneck with the CPU or an upgrade of the CPU in addition, and all this at a time when both were still available at a reasonable price. After a month of deliberation, the price frenzy started and the whole upgrade was postponed. Almost a year passed from there, and recently I managed to get my hands on 3070 from abroad at the price it then rose in the country. Needless to say it is a compromise, but at its current price, it is just crazy to buy 3080. So after installing the card, I realized that the bottleneck is very real And that my processor is no longer compatible with the FPS I expect to get with the new card, and it's time to upgrade. Accordingly I will also need to replace the motherboard of course. My main requirement is that it will support USB-C input in the front panel of the case, that there will be a relatively large number of USB 1,500 inputs and that it will be up to 3.2 NIS. Thanks to the assistants
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